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any Hiatus Hernia sufferes out there........I was told my weight loss had probably caused................

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the problem, every time I excersise using my upper body like rowing machine jogging and cross trainer I get the worse crippling pains in my chest or severe acid rreflux its a nightmare as I want to tone up and lose weight at the same time, but my so called Hiatus Hernia sometimes won't let me, its so frustrating and worrying that sometimes I am a slave to it and get too frightened to excersise, slow walking is the only thing that doesnt aggrevate it CryI would love to chat to others, views comments remedies, whatever just want to know I am not alone. Hope to hear from someone soon.FrownVery sad and getting depressed about leading a life, trying to cope and live with it, as I have been told theres no miracle cure, its un operatable and its somthing I have to learn to live with. I know I sound desperate but I need to know I am not alone.

Love hugs and at the moment only frowns astralhippy XXXXXXXXXXXKiss

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 I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia was I was 18 (doctor found it accidentally when looking for more kindey stones). Sure explained the nausea and acid reflux! There are surgical options but it's not worth it. I take over the counter antacids to deal and when it's really bad, I have a prescription. Mostly, I watch my diet 9there are lots of online resources and books available) and I don't worry about it. I have an extremely physical job but as long as I watch what I eat and have small meals often I've learned to control it these last 9 years. Doesn't really affect me at all anymore. I once had a chiropractor tell me to drink a lot of water on an empty stomach and jump up and down - he said the weight of a stomach full of water would help pull it back down to the proper side of my diaphram. I never tried it...I assumed he was pulling my leg, but several other doctors have suggested it (and a vet).

You are not alone...but also hiatal hernias are super common. Lots of people don't even know they have one, they just assume it's acid reflux or whatever. I've never even considered it a problem.  

My husband and I have both suffered from hiatal hernias.  Losing weight definitely helps.  If you are in Colorado we have a wonderful chiropractor/intuitive healer here who gave us both relief by forcing the stomach down below the diaphragm.  He used a technique similar to the Heimlich maneuver for choking, but he stood in front of me.  He placed his fist just below the solar plexus and, with me seated in a chair leaning back slightly, pushed in and down.  It worked!  Took 3 or 4 repeats of the procedure over a period of weeks (and us starting on our diets) to make it stay, but it no longer bothers me.  The procedure itself was slightly uncomfortable, but that went away quickly.

Try the elliptical trainer - not as jolting so might not push as much acid up.  If you have a recumbant bike available it also keeps you more upright and isn't jolting.  A slow walk on an incline might also be do-able - an adding an incline brings the calorie burn way up until it equals or surpasses jogging.  Maybe upper body weight training with you in the fully upright position, possibly standing, to help build muscle so you burn calories faster?

Of course, acid-neutralizing diet and possibly Tums or some such antacid right before starting a workout might help as well.  Worth a try, at least. 

You are definitely not alone in this!  Good luck.

SurprisedBizarre really bizarre I was told eat an apple, when I get a bad bout, doesn't work though, but I may for the crack jump up and down with a water filled stomach, better wear a good bra as otherwise I will end up with black eyes as well as the herniaEmbarassed, unfortunetly I do suffer bad the last couple of times I had to be rushed to hospital and was given morphine, that was the only thing that got me out of pain. I have to go to hospital to have a camera put down my throat to diagnose it but to also rule out gallstones, but was told by my doctors its more likely to be a hiatus hernia. Thus why I want to chat to people to see if its the same as them and what are there comments or views about it as the worry even though trying not to worry seems to make it worse. Also my neighbour has had gall stones and she said it sounded more like that??????????? confused just needed to chat to others.............

Hope to hear from others too..........thanksWink

oh er, have to look into that may be similar sort of proceedjure to the water thingy, obvisiouly wait till I get the camera down me to diagnose it and rule out gall stones, but its worth looking into. My Hiatus hernia was caused by losing weight, is that what you meant??? Or did yours go away when losing weight??? thanks for your speedy responce and comments, all comments views are welcome keep them coming..........Laughing

Losing weight also lost my hiatal hernia.  The extra body fat helped push the stomach up through the diaphragm where it didn't belong, leading to acid reflux.  Losing fat allowed the stomach to drop back to it's proper position.  I agree with your friend, the amount of pain you are in sounds like more than a hiatal hernia.  Are you having the procedure soon?

I have one.  Lost about 65 lbs. and it doesn't bother me except every now and then.  i work out with light weights and lots of reps to build strength and endurance.  I walk about an hour a day. 

I go to see a gastro-medical specialist on the 30th september to talk about where and what to do next so the first appointment is then and my Doctor said they would probably do a camera down the throat, but if they dont find the problem ( Hiatus hernia ) they would have to give me an ultra sound scan to check for gall stones, but doctor seems to think its a hernia, but the pain I describe to most people say it sounds more likely to be gall stone thus why I wanted to chat to others with the problem to see if others have the same crippling chest pains as I have experienced on some occasions one bout made me collapse, my partner said I was like a rag doll and couldnt get no sense out of me I just felt so in pain I couldnt speak or respond I felt I was incased in a bubble and felt powerless to help my partner to pick myself off the floor. I have been put on anti sick drugs and an anti reflux acid drugs and on gaviscon at night, but also take dihydrocodine DF118s when its really bad. touch wood I have not had a major atttack for 1 1/2 weeks now but scared incase it comes back so its made me incredibly wary what excersise I do and what I eat lost even more weight due to this as I am eating little small meals through the day, instead of 3 big ones and make sure I walk at least an hour a day an hour or more after food. I am petrified to go on the rowing machine at the moment as my last attack was whilst I was using it. I am slightly worried also as most people with this type of hernia have little to not much bother with it and me feels ruled by it. My Nan had gall stones so slightly nervy about everything at the moment. Thanks for all your comments keep them coming its really helping me to chat to others thanks.......................

My mother has had a hiatus hernia for years, but it doesn't sound like what you're experiencing. She has trouble with acid, of course. She is very careful about not bending over much after eating, and she can't lay flat at night. She went out and bought a "hospital" bed a few years ago (that raises up) for that very reason.

I can't help but think that perhaps your pain is being caused by something other than the hernia- wishing you the best as you go for further testing!

Lots of great information on HIATAL Hernias from the Mayo Clinic a/DS00099

Lots of great information on gallstones, also: S00165

It sounds to me as if the symptoms for a gall-bladder attack and a hiatal hernia are similar.  I've had a couple of gall-bladder attacks and my most obvious symptom was pain between(around) my shoulderblades.  I also suffered some nausea, but not that much.  Some people suffer tremendous abdominal pain.  They do say that rapid weight loss can cause gallstones (although being overweight can also), so that fits in with you.

Regardless, really the doctor is the only one to make the determination

good luck!

Thank you so much for that useful site it seems I either have a large hiatus hernia which needs fixing or gall stones, but reading the both now sounds more likely to be a hiatus hernia but big hernia, as I get the wheezing coughing belching and the swallowing problems as well as massive pain attacks, its matches better and now I know why not everyones symptoms are the same its because its in various degrees the hernias and also that explains why the Doctor thinks its more like a hiatus hernia as my symptoms best match that than the gall stones, thank you soooooooooooo much, one thing that dont match I have started to take oil of peppermint as someone said it helps theres and the doctor said go fo it its natural suck it and see I cant see it being a problem that site says avoid peppermint and I have peppermint and nettle tea oil of peppermint capsules and they seem to control it bizarre!!!?? or am I just not a text book case???!!! bloody would have to be different wouldnt I.

Thanks for your replies responces keep them coming I am now seeking for someone with a large hiatus hernia, to compare with, this is all helping loads guys thanks (((((((((((((HUGS TO YOU ALL))))))))))))))))))))))))Wink

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