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What Does a Hernia Feel Like?

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One specific area of my abs is... uncomfortable.

Not the "I worked out hard yesterday and they are sore" kind of uncomfortable.

They feel like I've pulled them (not sure when?) and now they are "in the wrong place" - not painful exactly but just wrong. Like maybe they'll do something horrible and painful if I turn the wrong way kind of uncomfortable (no serious pain as of yet)

I ran a 10km race yesterday (yay me!)... but haven't done any weight training or heavy lifting in about 2 weeks (oops).

I know if this persists I should go see a doctor and I will take it easy this week and not do any heavy lifting 'in-case'.

Just curious if anyone who is familiar with hernias knows if they are super painful... or a feeling that people could possibly ignore if they didn't know what was wrong?

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Hernia feels like something maybe similar to the tip of your thumb or finger(a part of your intestine) popping out of a hole in your intestine.  It's quite pain full.  Mine would slip back in, but for some people it will stay out and keep you in excruciating pain and you have to have emergency surgery.

If you are in pain getting checked by your doc is a definate.  Don't wait for something to go away that may get worse

The pain really depends on the nature of the hernia, if it is, in fact, a hernia.  I strongly recommend that you go see your doctor without further delay.  I had an umbilical hernia recently (a separation of the muscle wall at the site of my belly button).  It hurt, but not worse than a bad bruise, and I walked around with it for days.  I finally went to the doc and due to the nature of the injury he scheduled me to see a surgeon immediately, and within 24 hours I was admitted to the hospital and had surgery.  In most cases, there is not this same urgency, but my point is you can't always tell based on how much it hurts. 

Thanks for the replies.

I still have not made an appt to see a doctor - but I am monitoring it to see if it is improving or not...

Now that I know it is not necessarily very painful to have something serious I will put more consideration into having it looked at.

I am always leery of heading to the doctor for 'minor' things - I don't want to be a hypochondriac. Sometimes its hard to tell what is serious and what is 'normal'.

Symptoms and Signs

Most patients complain only of a visible bulge, which may cause vague discomfort or be asymptomatic. Most hernias, even large ones, can be manually reduced with persistent gentle pressure; placing the patient in the Trendelenburg position may help. An incarcerated hernia cannot be reduced but has no additional symptoms. A strangulated hernia causes steady, gradually increasing pain, typically with nausea and vomiting. The hernia itself is tender, and the overlying skin may be erythematous; peritonitis may develop depending on location, with diffuse tenderness, guarding, and rebound. html?qt=hernia&alt=sh#sec02-ch011-ch011f- 475

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