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HELP! Toe-nail gonna fall off???

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This totally sucks, since i JUST smacked my toenail (I was opening a door, was talking to someone behind me, and the door opened on my toenail, kinda pulling it back/jamming it more into my foot.  yes, it hurts as much as it sounds).  Now my toe (it's the big toe, even worse) is swollen and the nail iswhite, verging on blue.  I'm assuming it will turn black and fall off.  I looked online and there wasn't anything helpful there as to what I should do/not do in the meantime (except for keep my nails to short to avoid this from happening again, which I DO, but that's not the point...).  Ice?  No ice?  I'm definitely going to take a painkiller (advil) cuz it hurts like a b*&?%.  Also, I don't think it would be wise to exercise, since it hurts to put pressure on it (and since it's the big toe, it's the one you put the most pressure on). 

So yeah, has this ever happened to anyone else out there?  How long did you have to wait to exercise again?  I ask cuz I'll have to watch what I eat even more, since I won't be able to do much (I'm going to do my pilates video at home and some push ups, but I can't think of anything else that doesn't require my foot...)

Anything would help (besides the obvious fact that I should watch how I open doors from now on, be less ditzy, etc...)!!!!

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Put ice on it, take a painkiller if you have to. If you have to pull it off or cut it off then be prepared, it will hurt. I did the same to my little toenail earlier this year and it was horrendous. You may want to actually go and check that it isn't broken, if you can't put pressure on it and it's swelling/going blue. Can you flex your toe without pain?

yeah, i can flex it.  it just feels like dull (not dumb) from teh swelling.  it's not hueg cartoon-like swelling, but slight.  and i was SO looking forward to the gym today.  sigh...

It's going to be gross, but it's not that bad. As soon as it doesn't hurt to walk, you can go work out. I'd guess tomorrow, but it's up to your personal comfort level. Tape it down (feeling it move around in your sock is a puketastically gross feeling, so you want to avoid that) and go get em, tiger. It will probably take it a while to die and fall off (it could take weeks) but you can be back to exercising in pretty much no time.

Oh and also, the longer you let it do its thing and die on its own, the less it will hurt when you eventually have to intervene and finish cutting it off. Keep it taped during the days, but untape it and let the skin breathe for a while each day.

Your friend and sister klutz (and not a doctor),


I've done this before and I wrap a band aid around it until it falls off (and if there's stil ragged bits left I keep changing the band aid). I second icing it and everything that corduroyfirekills3 said.

thanks guys!  it still hurts with a shoe on (cuz of the rpessure on the nail), btu without a show i'm fine.  better than yesterday!  i think i'm going to do teh pilates video again tonight (or maybe borrow my roommate's yoga one...), but tomorrow i'm back at the gym!

I slammed my big toe on my right food once into a door frame a while back.  That brought tears a'plenty.  If that wasn't bad enough I had to drive up from San Rafel CA the next day home to Bend, OR.  I learned to drive with the little toe side of my foot that day.  I was working as a waitress at the time.  So when I returned to work the following day I got asked the most stupid question "Did you go to a Doctor?"  Now, what is a doctor going to do but charge me for the visit and tell me to keep off it for a few days.  They can't put on a cast.  Luckily the toenail was still fully attatched so I didn't have to worry about it falling off.  It's been a few months and it's still tender, but flexible and the black blood clot underneath is growing out and should be fully recovered in I guess another 6 months or so.  I'm probably no help, but that's my toenail story, and I'm stickin' to it.Cool  I do feel your pain.

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I've lost 3 toe nails in the past 3 months (with one more on the loose).  This was all due to ultra running, but it's really not as bad/gross as you expect it to be.  I just kept exercising anyways, but perhaps I'm masochistic like that! If there is swelling underneath, you can release the fluid yourself, or get a doctor to do it.  Basically all you can do is ice, take a painkiller, and let nature take its course.  The human body is remarkable and will generate you a new one (just like an octopus losing an arm!).  It may not be pretty at first, but you can always hide it under some lovely nail polish.   Good luck and don't fret!


I am 12 and i was walking up a slide and my lil cosin came down on it and it bent back all the way. i sugust you mix water and poroxside together and soak that toe. then ice it after your done. good luck.

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This same thing happened to me approximately 1 month ago. I work for a whiskey distillery and had a barrel fall on my toe (yes ouch). It turned bluish white and KILLED for days. I couldn't run either. At the advice of my neighbor- a pediatrician- I took a hot needle and lightly poked under the tip of my nail (it really didn't hurt as I did it very gently) this allowed all of the fluid under there out- and it stopped hurting almost immediately. Now the whole nail is black and as it grows out it is slowly separating from the nail bed. It hurts slightly when I do intense aerobic excercise, but otherwise its fine. I think it will fall off eventually- I use a band-aid now to keep it stuck to my foot so that it doesn't get caught on anything. Hope this helps.

Okay, so I lost my toenail once... twice. Big toe and middle toe. I don't like wearing shoes on the office, and while running to my desk to get the phone, I kicked the edge of the desk (feel free to laugh in my direction). I've never felt pain like that and I have 6 tattoos and some interesting piercings!

I only had to wait maybe 72 hours to work out again. I taped my toes together (weird, because you usually do that for broken toes, but it helped) and used ice. I put a ton on tape around the top so nothing could touch the nail area. I also stopped doing high-intensity stuff and worked my way back up.

Luckily, the "root" of the nail wasn't damaged, so it grew back. Once the nail falls off it's going to feel SO WEIRD when your skin rubs your sock/shoe. You'll get used to it and wont notice after a while. Just keep it nice and clean and be nice to your poor little toe for a while.

Feel better! :)

I certainly hope the OP's toe feels better now... after 3 years. 

BRAINZZ...or, erm, rather, TOES...

Original Post by _adrienne_:

I certainly hope the OP's toe feels better now... after 3 years. 


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