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Help with Scholarship- Greatly Appreciated

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I've been connected with caloriecount for a while now, always reading articles and the newsletter. I'm a senior in highschool, and fitness, wellness, and nutrition are my main interest. I've been accepted to USC and plan to major in Nutritional Science, and join the research field discovering new ways our diet can cure illnesses.  The reason I am posting is because I am in great financial need due to the surprise death of my parents, and no life insurance and virtually no inheritance monies. My parents never went to college, and my dream is to make my parents proud by obtaining my degree in Nutritional Science.

Any how, I can win a $5000 scholarship if I can get around 10,000 votes for this short essay I wrote; 018-Summerville-SC.aspx

It is very simple, just read it and click the green vote button below essay!

I do not know how people get their forums on the newsletter, but if I could get this one on their I would be so greatful!


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I voted! Good luck, and I'm so sorry about your parents.

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