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HELP PLEASE IM TERRIFIED NOW! my pulse is 41 bpm and im struggling with anorexia alone.

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My pulse is 41 bmp - im anorexic and im just worried :S?


is this really bad, or am
i fine?
my bmi is currently 17.1 but i have lost 5kg in the last 2 weeks
because i havent been able to make myself eat more than about 300 - 800 calories
a day...
should i be worried? or is this an okay pulse? im not

ive been anorexic for 4 years and my lowest bmi was 13.8 but i
reasently relapsed - hense the weight loss :S
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Hi I'm trying to recover too and I'm almost weight restored but every meal is a battle. You need to eat more. You need to fuel your body and give it what it needs so that you can have a long healthy life. The more energy you get in the better you'll feel, even if you feel horrible for eating it at the moment. You don't want to kill yourself so get to a healthy amount of food (try to do 2000 consistently) as soon as possible. Don't listen to the excuses to just wait until tomorrow. Think of the happy fulfilling life you want. You can't get that being sick like this. The ed won't just go away, you need to make it. You've come a long way from your lowest, but don't lie to yourself, you're not truly happy this way.

Your pulse notwithstanding, you need to get to a doctor. You are destroying your body.

is it really that bad :S

should i tell my mum?


If your pulse is that low then yes, it is bad. Only extreme athletes occasionally have pulses that low. If yours is  that low, I would think it can't be good - at all. Please, see a doctor and tell your mom if she doesn't already know. 

When i had a resting pulse of 48 bpm, they immediately took me to the hospital where I was an inpatient... They wouldn't let me go home until my heart rate was 45-50 bpm WHILE SLEEPING.... If your pulse is 41 when you're awake... it must be like in the 20s when you go to sleep. Please tell your parents or honestly you stand a chance of dying in your sleep.


Original Post by louisevineeta:

is it really that bad :S

should i tell my mum?

Doctor pronto. You need serious help or you may die. 

Original Post by louisevineeta:

is it really that bad :S

should i tell my mum?

This is either truth or a troll.

HUH? No don't tell your mum. You should continue this course and die in your room. Your Mom would be proud, right?

Your body is like a car. Got gas (food) it runs down the road. No gas and you're pushing it! How long and how far can you push your car? How far can you push your body?

Tell mum...Oh Yeah!

Tell God..PRAY

Look in the mirror into your eyes and now into your brain. Tell yourself the truth that you are cool, smart and that you are somebody that will make a difference. You're too good to waste.

GET HELP and GET GOING Be somebody!

Best of Life

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Yeah, they still monitor me 11 months later because 48 usesdto be my bmi
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