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help! please! now!

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help! i dont even know what else to say! i need somebody to talk to right now! i dont know whats gotton into me! no its not from me eating too little or anything like that. its prolly from stress, or maybe thats how it started idk!

i was doing so well despite how overwhelmed and stressed i am. so much going on and i was working so hard to deal with everything all by myself. and friday, idk-i just went on this massive binge and burried myself with food-which continued to saturday-which continued to sunday which continued to TODAY.

i did NOT think it would. i cant breath right now. my stomach is sooo bloated. it doesnt even bother so much that the scale says i gained 11 pounds, i know i could loose it if i really needed, its just that my clothing dont fit, im bloatedd as hell, theres sooo much food in me, i cant move or go to the gym or anything cuz im in too much pain and im just sooo scared right now.

i know i need to talk to someone or get some help idk but i really need help this exact second. idk what to do. im so scared. i dont wanna end up like my mom who weighed over 400 pounds =( i cant. im sooo scared. i cant breath im so stuffed. i only have 2 more days left to vacation and they were supposed to b fun happy days and now look what happened. i cant even move. fml. =(

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ok, breathe, on the grand scale of things, this is nothing! your going to be fine, its just food!

be honest with yourself, what were you eating before the binge, and what did this "binge" consist of?

give us a bit of background  to work with :) whats your story?

i was eating fine, this 4 day binge started 4 days ago. i think b.c of all the stress and feeling sooo lonely and anxious, i just wanted to bury myself and numb it all out. idk. im 21 and like 5"5 and weighed like 130 and now um 11 pounds heavier.

im soo stressed out, i have no friend anymore, they all moved off and got married and other stuff, im having a really hard time just in general btwn family stuff and work and just wayy too much to write on here and on top of everything, apparently my mom has a brain tumor and shes just impossible and idk anymore. im falling apart. and just sooo angry right now. at least when im eating right and excersizing and not bloated, when i feel horrible, at least physically i feel good and it just helps. but now when everything is horrible and physically i was soo self destructive and i totally thought i could do better, idk =(

ok, first, you are deffinately not 11pounds heavier, its is physically impossible for your body to gain weight that fast, this will be just the sheer amount of food in your system, water retention, etc, this will pass.

Im really sorry to hear about your situation, i know how it feels to feel like everyone has moved on and left you, and omg the situation with your mum, i really dont know what to say. Do you have anouther family member who you can talk to about these issues, better yet a therapist? Have you had any eating issues in the past or is this a whole new thing for you? Im glad that your physical health is well, you need to look after yourself, believe me if you dont look after yourself and your health sufffers for it, it solves nothing, and things just get worse.

Dont feel bad, you are only human! We all go through things in life that test us and sometimes we dont react in the ways in which we hope we had, i know ive made my fair share of mistakes, the important thing is that you can recognise when things are hard, and get help!

thanks. and i know im prolly not 11 pounds heavier. maybe only like 4 of it is real but its just the whole physical feeling. and now the next 2 days and just everything. =( i know when im physically healthy and ok, its wayyy better off and i need to be. especially now.

i dont have anyone to turn to for my mom thing. i dont even know whats happening anymore. shes becoming nuts. =( i dont even have money for therapy, my mom refuses to pay. im falling apart. and the least i wanted was to feel physically ok ya know?

It feels terrible doesn't it? I went to the doctor today and it said I'd gained about 10 pounds. I know I haven't. I'm on my period and very salt logged, and *full* of food. It feels terrible. My stomach is pretty huge looking right now from the excess waste which has decided it doesn't want to come out. I felt pretty distraught when I saw the scale, because I've been in the same range and not really gaining (or losing) for a very long while  now.

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This sounds like familiar ground, it happens to me once in a while, i think what you need to deal with first is the emotions and don't beat yourself up about it, wait till you see what happens with your scale or clothes.

Then you need to reassess your goals, refocus and keep moving! Its good for you to see it as a long term thing and realize that when you do slip up, you can always correct it in the days that lie ahead.

Panic leads to more stress leads to more food, trust me, i've been this way for over 30 years and just managed to get everything under control with CC and all the inspiring testimonials, a few days means nothing as long as you stop now and let the motivating factor for your weight loss goals stay right in front of you!

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