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Help? Good food for when you have an upset stomach?

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I haven't  been able to eat normally over the last 3 days - and it doesnt look like it's getting any better...I'm starting to think it was something I ate at a restaurant

(uhh...I hate nausea)

Anyways - what sort of food is good (as in - it doesn't make you feel worse/throw up) in this situation?
I feel horrible but I don't want to live off dry bread/crackers and tea

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Keep it painfully mild and white: rice, milk if you can, banana.

Also, most people don't realize it, but dramamine will actually suppress nausea, even if it's not related to motion sickness.  You might consider trying that, too.

I second bananas. Ginger and peppermint will also help you out, tea form or eaten. Otherwise, keep it plain and take it easy!

oh yeah bananas are good.

and yogurts also another one they say is good for an upset stomach. i know if doesnt sound like it would be but it does work

and my mom always gave us coke to drink when we had upset stomachs.

ginger ale, rice, oatmeal, maybe broth based soups or you could try a baked potato

This doesn't help you with what to eat exactly, but Emetrol does wonders for nausea.... in the medicine aisle but not even sure if it considered an actual "medicine".


Usually when I am nauseous I just eat whatever it is that seems appetizing to me, even if it something I wouldn't usually eat. Feel better!

Ginger biscuits and flat 7up supposedly.

i definitely second the soup idea.  Also how about custard or rice pudding? 

sprite and animal crackers

BRAT diet! The awful thing they put you on after hospital visits: Bread. Rice. Applsauce. Tea.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, love! If this lasts through  the weekend, you should see a doctor. 3 days is a long time to have food poisoning.


I was just going to post the BRAT diet. It's what we recommended for children that are sick -good for adults too, But we say, Banana, rice, applesauce and toast.

I'd like to help'a too! :D

Food that helps me when my tum hurts! ;

  • Ice cream (Weird, right?)
  • Candy canes
  • Peppermint tea
  • Crackers

Maybe drinking fluids for a couple days would be easier? =/

xxx Ali

I have frequent digestive problems and it's no fun trying to eat with nausea and abdominal pain. I skip food entirely when it's at its worst and stick to liquids - fruit and vegetable juice without too much acid, lactose-free meal replacement drinks, lots of water. Meet minimum calorie requirements without forcing myself to go over. Then when it subsides a bit, start with ripe bananas, white rice cooked soft, and other mild, easy-to-digest foods. Add in more foods slowly.

Animals instinctively fast when ill. That might not be a good strategy for humans who have to work and do other things even when not feeling well. But for most people there's no harm in choosing liquids and bland foods for short periods of time to keep the digestive system from having to work too hard until the worst of it is over.

GINGER ALE all the way......and tea, and soda crackers.

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I have an upset stomach at the moment, I am getting better though, but that's only only because I ate digestive biscuits! They are the perfect remedy for an upset stomach as they are easily digested and give you a tasty snack!

Other foods good for upset stomachs are: - banana - apples - rice - ginger - dry toast

Simple is best in this situation unfortunately, but that's why I suggested the digestives, because they are appetising as well.

Foods to avoid:

- eggs( they are heavy on your stomach) - orange juice( the acid in the orange may react with the acid in your stomach) - dairy

Hope this helped and get well soon!
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