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HELP!!! I just ate maggots!!!

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Okay, so recovering from my horrific weekend of bbqs and beer while camping, I raided my old stash of snack food in my drawer at work.  I came across some raisins, and not thinking in the least about how old they were, I started eating them. I noticed right away that they were a little dry and dusty, but again, didn't think too much of it.  About halfway through my little box, I discovered some little squirmy maggots in my raisins.  I'm sure I ingested at least one of the little buggers!  Anyone know if this will make me sick? Obviously I threw out the rest of the box!

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The same thing happened to me one time. But it was with a bag of brown rice. I had just bought a bag of brown rice from Wal-Mart and decided to cook a bit of it. I looked at it and saw something that looked a bit strange and just thought nothing of it thinking that it was just a grain of rice. I now realize that it was a maggot because a few days later looking in the bag I saw little webs, almost cacoon like, and there were a lot of little bugs moving around in the bag. Then we had a horrible problem in the cabinet that the bag of rice was in. The little maggots had turned into, I guess they were some kind moths. When it dawned on me that I had eaten a maggot (or whatever it was) I almost had a cow. No matter how sickening it is to think about it, no I don't think it will make you sick, though.

Mostly in unopened food or in your panty dry goods, it would be Pantry Beetle Larvae
 not maggots,  although they look a lot a like at that stage.

i have eaten something like nthat when i was a small child-it was yucky but nothing happened to me at all... i bet you are fine now:)

also found out recently some larvae in an unopened bag of oatmeal. have talked to someone who said they just get there when they are stored in the factory, same with flour, etc. so it happens... but is yucky

one time, someone left the chip bag out on the counter (open bag), while we had an ant problem

as you can guess, they got in, and i ate a good 100 or so of those buggers before i looked down and saw hundreds of ants in the bag

i literally vomited, but thats also because then and now i have a insanely big fear of ants.

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