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Would this help anyone in recovery???

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Hi!  I've been getting a really amazing response to my posts lately and I feel really honored that you guys are letting me support you through your recovery!!!  It got me to thinking about something that I have been considering doing for a while but I wasn't sure if it would be something that people would be interested in or helpful to them so let me know what you guys think!

I have been considering starting a youtube channel and posting daily video about recovery and metabolic repair and any other topics that may be requested.  I guess it would kind of be like a community to help people dealing with eating disorders develop healthy lifestyles and feel good about themselves.  If you think that would be at all beneficial let me know I will try to start working on it.

Also, I just wanted to let everyone on here know that they are MORE then welcome to message me at any time about anything that they may need help, support or just a rant on!  I love how everyone on here really wants to get better and are all really good people so I feel honored just to help one of you with your recovery and getting your life back! Thank you guys!  You are all AMAZING and you are ALL going to recover!  I just know it :)

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I vote yes. DO IT :)

Sounds like a good idea to me. It also seems like it would be able to reach even more people (like those who aren't on CC).

And thanks for all of the advice you have been giving. The manner in which you express yourself is so caring and non-condemning. :)

Sound like an amazing idea! :)

That's so kind of you. Please go for the amazing idea. It would help a lot of people with ED. :)

That's an amazing idea! I'm trying to recover from Anorexia for about a month now, it's only the beginning for me and it's being really difficult, so it would be very helpful to me and to many other people, I'm sure. :)

I will for surly start something up then!  I promised myself that I would do it if just one person said yes so I will work on it! :)

Does anyone have any specific topics that they would want me address that would be especially helpful right now???

Thank you guys and you guys are all doing GREAT with recovery! :)

Sounds good in theory... but how well can you handle criticism? There is no guarantee that everyone on YouTube will respond to your videos kindly. Just saying. I've seen a lot of horrible comments on videos before (and that's even to my standards!)... not to say every one will respond like that, it just happens.

Many people suffering from eating disorders already have low self esteem as it is, I wouldn't want your recovery to be affected by a-holes on the internet. 

Just something to think about. 


If you are willing to do it I vote a big YES.  Keep us informed.

Carmenxox: I have thought a lot about that and I know that I am very stable in recovery and I know how to deal with criticism because I have tools from recovery.  I am more concerned about people posting pro-ana/pro-mia comments on there that could trigger other people.  I would moderate it of course but I can't be on there 24/7 to delete the comments that could be triggering for people.  I need to figure that out before I start posting because my goal is to make it a trigger free zone!

Everyone else:  I am definitely wanting to start this up!  I just need to figure out a few things first to make sure that it is a completely trigger free zone! :)


You could always block comments on the posts? (it would inhibit positive feedback from your fans- of which i would be one!- but it would also stop the social crowd that often turns ugly on comments, and preventing that is probably worth the lack of good comments) Totally get the possible problems of it but it's definitely something I think would e great- well done for thinking of it :D x

NeverEatShreddedWheat:  That is an AMAZING idea!  I think that is what I will do.  I have the channel set up I just need to film the first video and upload it!  But first I need to find the chord thing that connects my camera to my computer...

Awesome idea!! Good luck finding the cord thing!

Hahaha thanks :)

I think I'm just going to borrow my sister's because she has the same camera as me!!!  Hopefully have the first video up in the next couple of days!

tell us when, I wanna go see it :)

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sounds like a good idea, im also on the road to recovery and itd be nice to have someone to compare with. i guess for the first ep you could post stuff about yourself like what led you to that point, what you do everyday, what youve eaten? small things about how you feel. id definitely be interested in hearing how someone is going through the same deal.

I will definitely let you guys know when it is up!  I think my first video will mainly be a little bit about me and talk about the purpose if the videos.  I get out of class early tomorrow so I will try to film it and get this started!  :)

This is so sweet, I love it <33

I think it is a great idea and amazing that your taking something like this on so good luck

I have my first video filmed!  I just need to upload it.  I think I should have it up by tomorrow :)

Really looking forward to seeing it! Keep us updated :)

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