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I am a 14 year old girl who is 5'7 and weighs 97 pounds. I want to recover from anorexia. But I see all these people saying teens need 3000 calories to gain. I cant believe that would be true. I have been maintaining on 1500-1800 calories. Can somebody please explain to me how many calories I would need to recover. ( My doctor wants me to gain 7 pounds)

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You should eat at least 2500.  If you eat the bare minimum of calories to gain weight, your body won't be able to repair itself and your metabolism will remain suppressed.

Recovering isn't about maintenance.  It is about repairing your body.  You need to gain weight and you need excess calories so your body can repair whatever damage you have done to it.

I was "maintaining" on 1600 calories for a really long time.  I wasn't losing weight but I certainly wasn't gaining any.  I still had complete control of everything I ate and was very much in the grasp of ED.

It was only when I increased my calories to 2500 (sometimes more!) that the need for control lessened.  I'm now doing better than I've ever been in the last four years of my life!

You have posted on the forums before about your apprehensions.  This is you ED speaking for you.  You need to eat, you know that.  So do it, and for goodness sakes, enjoy it! :)

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