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I'm not heavy. I'm not overweight. I'm average, if not thin. But I have a gene that was passed down from my mother, that gives me incredibly heavy bones, So I've always been really self-concious about my weight.
I'm really short, too, and some of my taller friends are the same weight as me. I feel rotten telling people my weight, even though it's not much. Because I'm short, I'm expected to be 50 pounds. Or some such.

Is anyone else here Big/Heavy boned?
Tips for Dealing with it?
Does it affect your lifestyle in any way?

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No offense, but I always thought there is no such thing as "heavy" bones???
50 pounds? is that the doctors expectation,  or yours, or your friends? Cuz 50 pounds seems pretty low. anyways, don't be ashamed of your weight. I mean, if it is truly overweight, then strive to make healthy choices, but if your weight is what it is just because of the way you are built, the don't go trying to change it just to make other people happy. Does that make any sense.  I'm not trying to preach at you or anything. I promise. That is just what I thought when I read the post. I hope you don't find it offensive. Peace and hugs!
I'm big boned as measured by my cardiology team.  They do two measurements - one at the wrist with a tape measure, and one at the elbow - flexed elbow and they use calipers to measure the width. 

But mostly I'm too fat - nothing to do with bone structure.
I did not want to come across rude, let me explain: obviously, peopel do have different bone structures. However, the bones in an average adult weigh 30k, if a person is say 20k overweight, that difference is unlikely to come from the bones.

Itskelso, how tall are you? 50 pounds sounds ridicously low!
God knows I love you and all your Bull Shttt.   I am disturberde that my weight is less than perfect for the winter Bull hunt. What do you think?
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Ok, are you both serious???......Obviously, heavy bones was not serious about the 50 lb thing!

I too am 5'4 and my normal weight is 142.  NOBODY ever believes I weight that much.  I dieted a few years back and got down to 130 and a few people spoke to me about being to skinny and if I was possibly anorexic.  A few people in my family have also had the same thought about themselves.  We say we must have heavy bones too.  I'm now pregnant and have gained 20lbs at 5 months.  I'm a little shocked at the scale but people are shocked when I tell them how much I weight and have gained cause they say I'm hardly showing.  I know when I went for my intial visit and the nurse weighed me it said 143.  She asked how much I normally weight cause she thought maybe I was bloated with water weight due to being pregnant.  But when I said 142 looked shocked and laughed.  I wear a size 8 in clothes.  I don't know I don't get it.  Have a good one.
well i dont know about heavy bones, but i do have wide and thick bones. My frame is a normal build, but i simply need more weight to sustain my body than most people who are 5 5"

my doctor even went as far to suggest i should be 125- 130, with my frame.. weird.

The disease you probably have is osteoptrosis.  It is a rare bone disorder..only about 1200 in the US have it.  Can you float in the pool?  Probably not.  My husband and son both have this disease.  There are different types on the disease.  One type happens in infants the only cure is BMT.  The adult type (the one you might have) is usually mild. 

You are right that it can make the scales go up over time as your bones get heavier with age.

don't you mean athritis ethansmom? the process by which the bones get increasingly dense and eventually'turn to stone'. cos osteoptrosis is when they get really thin and flaky, so it wouldn't make sense for the bones to get heavier...?

am i being stupid?

osteoptrosis also named "marble bone" disease is where the bone get heavy.  My husband and son don't float they sink in water because there bone are heavy. 

Trust me on this...LOL  I know more than I ever wanted to know about this disease since my husband and son have it.


It took me quite a while to realize that I don't look like I weigh as much as I actually do -- that I never have -- and in the interim, it really messed me up.  It has completely distorted not only my self-image, but my perception of weight in a broader sense. 

I'm 5'8, wear size 12 pants, a 36J (UK, 36M US) bra, and I weigh 240lb.  When I gound out that the number was that huge, I freaked out.  I started on a mission to lose 80-100lb, as my BMI calculation told me to do, to be at the upper range of a healthy weight.  I've always been active, and in what I thought was relatively okay shape -- a bit more jiggle than I'd like, but strong, and able to run well. 

When I couldn't drop any weight, I went to see a nutritionist, who become concerned, and sent me to see a doctor.  The doctor wouldn't believe my weight until I stepped on a scale in front of her -- even with my obviously high muscle mass and ridiculous breasts, she didn't think I topped out at any more than a maximum 190, maximum.  Despite this confirmation, repeated what the nutritionist told me and I didn't believe: that if there was some way for me to lose 80lb (and it didn't out-right kill me), it would put me in the hospital in critical condition.  Some of it's muscle, some of it's breast, but the conclusion is that my bone density has to be higher than normal.

Could I still stand to lose some weight?  Yes, and I'm trying my best -- I eat healthily, I exercise, and I'm waiting for an appointment with an internal medicine specialist.  In my case, however, the attainment of a healthy BMI would be dangerous. 

You asked how people dealt with it, and I'm not the best case:  I'm not zen a lot days -- sometimes I still think both my doctor and nutritionist are wrong, that I'm huge, and I get into nasty recursive spirals of self loathing.  That's even less healthy for me, though, and it's something I'm working my best at over coming.

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Kiss Hey itskelso,

 Not to worry it seems like you are not the only one who is big(heavy) boned, it is definitely genetic, and if you don't have the big hands and feet to boot (being a female) then at least you can still feel rather femine when getting nails done or buying gorgeous rings and comfy shoes to wear and  if you have big football shoulders how do you hide those, you can't, oh well its very rare when we all have exactly what we like, thats life, at least we can talk about it. Enjoy who and what you are, we all could be worse off, don't you think?,  I don't think there is any cure for big bones.

From mumstheword50


I was in the Air Force for 20 years.  When I first joined and went to my physical the doctor asked me if I ate rocks because he couldn't see where I kept my weight.  When my daughter at age 2 hurt her elbow the orthopaedic surgeon was holding her arm and asked me if I had trouble with my weight in the Air force...I was taken aback but exclaimed YES and she said it was no wonder because my daughter's arm was very heavy.  Now that I'm older and required to have osteoporosis exams to determine bone density I was told that when it came to bone density I had nothing to worry about.  So while it has allowed me to win the guess my weight at most fairs and typically resulted in problems by Air Force standards it isn't a farce.  The orthopaedic doctor said my daughter's arm bone could vary from less than 1 lb to as much as 2 lbs and her arm was definitely on the heavier side.  All my kids were normal length when born, 20 -21 inches but they weighed 9 - 10 lbs and just didn't look any bigger than the 7-8 lbs babies so you have strong bones, they will probably never break, mine never have.  Relish in it and use body fat measurements instead of weight.

Zombie thread. Check the date next time ;)

LOL - zombie thread.  Funny way to describe those old threads.   Agh, I wonder if the moderators should do something about it?

I am the same as you. However, as one gets older, having a high bone density is really good because you won't get fractures etc. I am now doing weight training to build muscle and keep my high bone density. I'd like to lose weight but I'm concentrating on going to the gym and eating healthily, not in a reallly restrictive way. Be grateful for those heavy bones - they will serve you (and me) well!!

I'm 5'8" with a build on the high end of "medium" (according to wrist measurement).  I weight 210 pounds, which comes as a surprise to taller people, who I often outweigh.  I was getting pudgy (up to 220) for a while, but started working out more and eating salads and lean meat instead of junk food.  I only lost 10 pounds, but gained muscle and look much fitter.

I think I have high bone density because I don't look as heavy as I am compared to other people.  I also have above-average strength for my size, but I'm not very fast, although I can run OK.

I'm a decent swimmer and surfer, but treading water was always tough for me in swim class, and I noticed that when trying float, my legs and lower body will sink rapidly, but arms and upper body will stay afloat longer, possibly aided by my  lung capacity (stocky chest).  Before too long though, I will sink to the bottom without some kind of light paddling to keep me afloat.


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