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heavy ache in calf muscles

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I have mentioned this is previous posts but it is really anoying and i cant seem to remember ever having it apart from my 9 months conditin i have been talking about.

But in the morning i wake up and i notice a really strong and heavy ache in my calfs and when i get up and start moving they just feel achy, worn out and heavy.

I have no deficiences as i have had blood work done.

It is just another one of my awfull symptoms that is making my whole life hell.



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Also despite eating 2500 a day for over 3 weeks now i am not noticing a difference in how i ave been feeling.

I am always so so so tired even if i do get sleep, i like read or type and my body literally just nearly drops off to sleep then i twitch back up like a responce to it but when i try to sleep i cant.

I have gained about 3kg in 3 weeks and i have not even felt even a little bit more energised :-( That is why i always question whether gaining this weight is going to make any difference into how i am feeling and all of my sypmtoms.

Please, if you haven can you read my other posts and see if you can try and help. thx


This is weird...I've been feeling a heaviness in my calves too...a little weird in my upper legs also. I have no idea what it could be. I've just recently increased calories, too, maybe it has to do with that, somehow???

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I'm in the same situation, I've upped my cals recently and feel so fatigued and achey all the time! Maybe it has to do with the fact that your body is working really hard to digest food and it's not used to it yet. Are you exercising or using your legs a lot (standing at a job or walking a lot)? Do you have swelling/water retention? Ah, could be a combination of several factors... sorry I'm not of much help but I can empathize! It's super difficult to feel so worn down all the time.

I had it even when i was just eating 1800 calories, i have had it for months.

Feeling worn down all the time is one thing, but how i have been feeling for this 9 months is something else. If i have to live like this then i really dont want to,

I am doing everything i am suposed to. eating well, resting everything and i am just not feeling better!!!!!!!

I wake up and think 'is today going to be the day when i notice a change???' and that day hasent come in 9 months and i dont know what else i can be doing to help myself. I have forgot wot it is like to feel well.!!!!!!


It is most likely edema, water retention, but you should ask your doctor for another opinion. The pressure/aches can wreck havoc on your veins if something isn't done to reduce the swelling. Can you tell that they are swollen? If not, it may not be edema. Anyways, go with your intuition. If something just isn't right and is interfering with your life, go to a doctor until you find out what it is!

thx, but i dnt think its edema, nothing s swollen.

I just have no idea wot to do. I am gaining the weight bmi is now about 18.5 i am eating 2500 calories and i feel no better.

I havent been well for nearly a year now and i just hate my life like this, i would do anything to feel well but it isnt happening!


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From reading some of your other posts, it seems like a lot of your symptoms are a manifestation of stress and worry, or the stress is exacerbating the symptoms that go along with recovery. Are you in therapy? It might help to find ways to reduce your stress.

I know that i am stressed but it is only because i am feeling like this. Before i started to feel like this i was in a good place, finally getting on with my life and stuff trying to be positive but then it all happened and it isnt going. And even when i am having times of relaxing or something to try and take my mind off feeling bad, i still feel it all.

I just dont know wots going on. I thought eating more and getting my bmi up would do the trick or at least help a little but it seems like it isnt.

But i cant think of anything else it could be apart from the anorexia as i have had all the tests done but then again, if it was the anorexia wouldnt i have some bad results from the tests?

it is hard to keep eating 2500 and gaining weight wen i am not feeling better from it and aother people are always posting how much more energised they feel wehen they have gained weight. and i did in the past when i have gained bk the weight but this is just awfull and 9 months!!!!!!???? Wot lass nine months with no improvment and this day after day!



okay you keep saying that gaining weight isnt making you feel better which is demotivating you.. but i seriously doubt that eating less and losing weight is going to help. it will make your body weaker and struggle more to fight against anything. 

 I do think that you might be over thinking things, i am by no means saying its all in your head - i hate it when people say that, but i do know that i think about my symptoms when ever i have them and i notice the slightest thing and in all honesty i probably make it worse for myself by just focusing on it and blowing it up in mind. Im so aware of anything that it makes me feel worse than if i just tried to think about something else. 

Go to another doctor, tell them everything and get yourself another opinion. If you are feeling as bad as you say you are then i really hope they dont turn you away. Good luck with it

I have an appointment on thursday with a consultant but i just dont know what they can do as i have had tests done est and nothing was flagged up and i have seen people before and they just dont know.

tbh i wish it was the anorexia as then i would know exactly wot is wrong and wot to do but at the moment it is unsure and i seem to just be hoping that weight gan will help. How would they know if it was the anorexia?

I must sound such a un greatfull person for keeping going on but seriously, it just isnt getting better and i just need to get my message out there to see if anyone can relate.


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