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Heart disease recovery - got to get it right!

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I am brand new to this site, and it looks terrific!

I had angioplasty a couple of weeks ago, and need to lose 100 lbs.

Have dropped 5 since the procedure, and I am being diligent with calories, sodium, etc.   

Anyone in the same (or similar) boat????  How has your health improved since watchig your intake?

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Not the same boat but similar.  My health, well that has yet to be determined by my doctor but to me I am much stronger. 

I can walk my stairs from my basement to my second level without even a pant.  In January '07' I couldn't even make it up one flight of stairs without losing my breath.  I can carry my 60-ish pound daughter up a flight of stairs even!  Yeah, couldn't even think about that before.  I don't sweat as profusely.  My endurance to do almost anything has increased.  My heart feels stronger.  It takes more for me to get my heart working than before so I have to assume that is because it is stronger.  I can not only walk one mile, I can walk 3!  I can, I can, I can....whereas before I couldn't or didn't even try.  I've lost 79 pounds so far....I have much more to go too.

Good luck!  Make sure your doc is on board with every physical thing you want to introduce.  And remember, take it slow.  You can and will build up your endurance but you have to give your heart a chance to adjust to your new regimen.   Smile

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My husband was just diagnosed as a Diabetic and he has to lose 130 lb's to come anywhere normal for his height.  We have been using this site for him since the end of August-about 7 weeks and he has lost 13 lbs.  So the site recommendations works. I would suggest you make use of a good food scale and measure(especialy the heavy calories) especially if you often eat towards the high end of your calorie allowence. Estimates can sometimes be very inaccurate when it is actually weighed.  this is the right time of the year for some one will get you an excellent scale for an early Christmas present.  Since you should be using one all the time if you really are serious about loosing weight, you might as well get quality in a style that maches your needs and sense of style. has a picture of the 2010,the one I found perfect for our food weighing needs since I wanted a small scale.  worth every penney since the calorie counting would be way off otherwise.
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Thanks for the replies.  I have an old WW scale that I use when I wonder about portions, and I measure with cups too.  You are so right, portion control is key. Smile

I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides, in addition to high blood sugar (diabetes!)  I'm now in my 9th week of a lifestyle change.

I got my blood test results back last week (representing 8 weeks of dieting) ... my cholesterol dropped 60 points, and my average blood sugar level dropped 40 points, and my triglycerides dropped one category. (I still have room for improvement in all of these!)

Oh, and I dropped 35 pounds. This site is just wonderful!


=^..^= MOLLY

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Thanks, and sorry for my delay in responding!

So far so good after two and a half weeks... Have lost 6 # now, and walked every day.  I'm going back to the doc on Nov 6, and I hope he will test blood, etc. so I can see if there are any results yet.

Please keep me in your thoughts, and I will you, too.


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