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headache after drinking water?

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Lately I've noticed that after I finish a bottle of cold water, I get an INSANE headache. Now, I'm very prone to headaches/migraines to begin with [I take prescription meds as a migraine preventative].
It's just really discouraging because I hate water but force myself to drink it because I know it's so good for me, but these headaches make me want to never pick up a bottle ever again.
Does anyone know what this is or why it's happening? Any similar experiences?
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If I drink a big bottle of cold water too fast I get a headache. 

Maybe you need to drink it slower, or let it warm up a bit, maybe just under room temperature?  

I found this.
    Women who had experienced one or more migraine attacks in the last year (active migraine) were twice as likely to experience a headache from ingesting the cold water as women who had never suffered from migraine.


Not sure how legit it is but hop it helps!!

I ditch the cold water and maybe drink some warm tea.  Mint tea doesn't generally have caffeine and is just as good as water.

Ah, thanks you two! =]
Yeah, I guess I do drink it sort of fast? It's like a "let's get this over with!" mentality I think haha.
& sadly, the only way I can tolerate water is if it's ice cold. Warmer water makes me gag.
But I guess I'll try to slow down! =]

If the water makes you gag or it is hard to drink it, try drinking it out of a straw. I tried that and it works great for me.

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