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I haven't had my period in over a month. Advice?

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last month, i had my period on the 17th. this month.... it's 31st today, but im still not having it!!!!

i really don't think it's because im eating too little, because even though i've been setting my daily calorie intake as 1200, most of the days, i've been eating more than that - failure =(  like... 1500??

or... do you think it's possible that i might be overestimating the number of calories i eat? honestly, when i count the number of calories in the foods i eat, i don't refer to like a calorie data box stuff. i just estimate the number on my own. so usually, the numbers of calories are like... pretty nice numbers, like 100, 150, 25, & never like 24, 57, you get what i mean? 

anyways, back to the subject!!! (haha sorry!)

for the last couple of days, i felt sort of...bloated... like, my stomach (lower & uppe) seemed to bulge out a bit more... and i've been having minor cramps/stomachaches also..  but still.. no signs of PMS... =(

the reason why this is really discouraging me and am making me scared is because i don't want my self to think that this is just bloating but then it turns out that it's actually because i've been overestimating the number of calories in the foods i eat...  i don't want this to be because i got FAT in my stomach!!

please help, because i've been dealing with this for some time, and it's very discouraging to me... =(

i came here because i knew you guys would help me out..............  
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How old are you?  Is it possible you are pregnant?  It could just be the change of diet, a lot of factors affect your cycle. 
I also read in your profile that you have a problem with drugs and drinking (Your pic captions).  Have you considered therapy?
Sooji said: "for the last couple of days, i felt sort of...bloated... like, my stomach (lower & uppe) seemed to bulge out a bit more... and i've been having minor cramps/stomachaches also..  but still.. no signs of PMS... =("

This sure sounds like PMS to me!!! I have all of those symptoms and am definitely PMS.  How old are you? It's not uncommon for young women to have slight irregular periods. Could be a bit late.

Could also be early pregnancy. Could you be pregnant?
hey guyssss!! thanks so much for ur feedbacks... i feel loved..

about the pregnancy, nope, im VERY sure im not pregnant!! lol

im 17 years old... and yeah... i HAVE been having irregular period problems.. especially last summer when i was anorexic & exercise bulimic. my period stopped for like.. 6 months?? but this year, i've been eating much healthier & i think.. my period has been coming every month... but.. this month.. it's weird..

i don't know what's wrong though... do you guys really think it could be because im actually gaining weight?? from like eating too much or something? because even tho i know i may not be consuming only 1200 calories, i KNOW that im not OVEREATING. oh hell no.

is there a specific way to know whether or not this bloating this is actually becase of water retention due to the coming of PMS or is actually me gaining fat?

* i haven't weighed myself in.. i don't know.. i think it's been like a couple of weeks. i try not to weigh myself frequently, because id rather see an obvious difference on the scale than the same number every day lol. *

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I have never heard of someone losing their period from gaining weight.  You lose your period if your body fat percentage drops too low.

Low body weight. Excessively low body weight interrupts many hormonal functions in your body, potentially halting ovulation. Women who have an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia, often stop having periods because of these abnormal hormonal changes.

However it can happen for a variety of reasons beyond that. 

"for the last couple of days, i felt sort of...bloated... like, my stomach (lower & uppe) seemed to bulge out a bit more... and i've been having minor cramps/stomachaches also.. "

Those are typically PMS signs for me.  Hopefully you will be starting any day now.  If you don't start by Sept 17 I advise you make an appt with your GYN so they can investigate.


You got your period back from just eating more?

My friend was put on birth control to get hers back, but she hates how they make her feel. It would be wonderful if there was a more natural way.

* pamperedkeri2000 *


"I have never heard of someone losing their period from gaining weight."  does this mean u don't think i was gaining weight?

hmm.. i don't know... it'sl ike.. one day when i wake up, i feel like shit. other days, i feel slim. but who knows, if i did weigh myself everyday and compared the kilos, maybe they could have been the same you know? ah.. 

No one loses their period from gaining weight.  If you are just guessing about the calories in things instead of actually writing them down and using real calorie numbers, I bet you are underestimating them.  Why not use the tools here to follow a plan, instead of guessing about everything?  Have you cut your fat too low?  If you are getting less than 10% calories from fat, that can stop your period as well.
Maybe you just randomly missed one. That happens, right? 

* plaidpooka *

the major problem about counting the calories is that, im living here in indonesia, and there are a lot of "exotic" (haha) foods that are not on this site. 

also, im a senior so it's hard for me to write down everything i eat - due to not being able to use the comp whenever i want.

and oh mayyyyyn!!!! >_<  if you type in one type of food, there are SO many choices!!! GAH!!! it's too bizarre for me!! haha,lol.

and about the whole 10% calories from fat. when i eat food, i don't eat by that protein-carb-fat ratio. but that doesn't mean that i eat a lot of junk food and little fruit. i eat healthily. i eat a lot of fruit and occasionally meat also. and rice too, usually for lunch, since im a korean! lol. 10% calories from fat... but when are you saying 10% from the OVERALL-TOTAL number of calories my body needs? or you mean 10% from 1200 kcal, my goal to lose weight.

i also got some doubts about the calorie expenditure thing on this site. because it says that i burn 2000-2200 kcal (light/moderate). however, do you guys know about that machine that looks like a scale, where you stand on it and you hold these two.."things" with ur hands and then the machine tells you EVERYTHING: fat %, size of ur waist, ur left/right leg/arm's measurements and lots of stuff like that. haha. well for that, it said that my UTMOST sedentary was around 1500 and the trainer said according to the results, if i walked around and stuff like that, i'd burn 1800.    NOW.    that's EXTREMELY different than what this site tells me!!!

so.. what is it?? it's so confusing.. id understand if this site's or the stupid machine's results were like 100 calories different, but 1500 and 2000?? GIVE ME A BREAK! 

* helpmeouthere *

hmm.. maybe i could have missed it... 


I've had issues of not having my period for a year and being bloated on what I can't possibly figure to be less than 1500 calories/day.

The period thing might have been my getting off of birth control combined with less food than my body wants.

But considering that upping my food intake has helped a LOT with the bloating, I'm guessing I haven't been eating enough.  Remember that 1200 is ABSOLUTE minimum.  Everyone is different.  I have about the musculature of a guy and if you're anything like me, you need WAY more food than you think you need.

Honestly, I thought nothing bad could come of rounding up.  And it was NICE to get home from work and think that I had 1000 calories left to play with.  but back-ended calories leads to bloating and feeling terrible.  So does significant under-eating.  If you want to count, stick to a clearer count rather than rounding everything up.  It's hard for me to reconcile fully, but I'd rather be a size 6/8 that doesn't feel gross all the time than a gassy and bloated size 4/6.

* infinityontrial *

if you up your food intake, u would bloat less?? is this only true for you, or are you talking in general? cuz man.. that'd be awesome... =(  but haha the funny thing is, even though i put my limit as 1200 calories, most of the days i end up having more. like around 1300-1500 i suppose? (see, it's all SUPPOSING) gahhh! 

yeah.. i think i'll be using this calorie counter thing more often now :) just for my weight!! bahahaha~  but i hate the fact that when i type in egg whites, it gives me multiple choices ... which one to use?!!?

HI celyndie here

i have 2 twins right now when i had them i feel the same thing loosing my period as well you need to get chcked youre pregnent.

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