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i HATE my period!!!!! please help ladies!

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ok, this is kinda a disgusting question, but i really need an answer. ok, so yesterday i got my period and it is really really heavy. i have never had it this bad before and i dont know how to make it lighter. i seriosly cant do anything bcuz it so so damn heavy. so i was wondering if any or you ladies have any advice on how to lighten it up. thanks.

P.S. i have iron defficiency and was wondering if this could be why it is so heavy. if i take my iron supplements could it lighten it up?
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birth control pills lightened mine up.. I was 15 and would litterally get sick and vomit because my cramps were so bad.  I got on birth control, and i'm not 25.   Its' helped me alot.  Good luck.
I can soooooooo relate. I've had very heavy periods all my life. Taking iron pills won't light the period up, but it will help you with your iron levels, with are probably low. You'd feel less tired.

I took the pill to have less pain for a couple of years in my teens, but then there started to be some sort of breast cancer epidemic in my family, so I had to stop. That did help tough. My cousin ( whose side of the family are less cancer prone) got the advice to take the pill without stopping for the 4th week, for like a year. She did that and it helped her a lot.

Maybe you could ask you gyno?
i am 17 and my mom wont let me go on bc. i was wondering if anyone from here is on canada BC and knows if u can be prescribed bc. if you can, can it be covered through medical coverage? if that cna happen, would you know if there would be a way for my mom to find out that i am getting covered for bc through her coverage?
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you're 17....  almost a legal adult.  If you mom wont let you go on BC, I would suggest first, explaining the situation to her, if she doesnt already know... Hell, you may even want to show her these posts... she might understand a little better.  It was hard for me to tell my mom at 15 that I wanted to do it, she went to the OBGYN with me, and talked to the doctor with me.  She asked her own questions, and was able to get facts from the doctor herself.   It made her feel better, and all in all it was better for both of us.  If that doesnt work.. you could always go into a Planned Parenthood and they'll give it to you without your mothers consent.  there ARE ways around it.  But, let me just say, that I think being honest with your mom is the best thing to do, because if she happens to find the pills, you know theyre for your periods, but shes automatically going to assume you're having sex. 
I am anemic and the docs say its from my heavy TOMS.  I never thought anything of it before they asked me, I mean I complained to close peeps but nothing I thought the doc should know about. 

My oncologist explained it the best and this is what he said.  When a woman has normal menstation the lining that is shedding has time to desolve and slowly leak out through the cervix.  But when your shedding to fast/much then the uterus fills up and there is no more room so it contracts and pushes it out.  That is why very bad cramps go along with it.  (mine felt like my uterus was trying to walk in the other direction!) And also there should be relatively little clotting, if your like me, mine was nothing BUT clots! 

There are options and Birth Control is supposed to help, it didnt for me.  But the ones where your supposed to stop having a period for 3 months are the ones the tried on me.  I got my period more often from it! 

I ended up having something called a endometrial ablation done.  Something that is a bit drastic expecially if you are young and want kids (no more kids), I am 27 but I already had my kids so it was an easy decision for me.  They can also try a D and C which still leaves you with the option of having kids but might give you that break you need. 

DO take you suppliments, I HAVE heard that anemia can make it worse, that is what my doctor, gyno and oncologist have told me.  Its a viscious cycle. 

Best advice on how to deal with your mom..... be honest with her about your period.  Have her go in with you.  You dont need to bring up the birth control, it will be the first option that the doctor with try, she will bring it up.  And since the doc is the one saying it, your mother wont think your just trying to get on birth control LOL 
I went on bc without my parents knowing (well, at least they never approached me about it) when I was 16. You can get a prescription from either your doctor or at a walk-in clinic. I live in Alberta, and I think I just needed my Alberta Health Care Card.
really? did u pay for the bc, or was it covered through your medical plan?
No, you have to pay unfortunately. It costs about $100 for six months worth. (Here in Calgary that is.) It sucks, but there are many benefits to being on it...
I am anemic too and my period is  SUPER heavy and PAINFUL (CRAMPY) every cycle (7 days).  I'm already 33 years old and have  this problem with me since I was a teen :(

I took iron supplement (Slo-Fe) for a while to bring my iron level above dangerous level but I had to quit because it messed up my tummy so bad (constipation). 

Another option I tried (prescribed by doctor) was "birthcontrol pills" but that didn't work our either (Tried two different brands and got sick from them).  I heard birthcontrol pills really work regulating your period!  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right product for me plus I'm trying to ... get pregnant right now ;)

You absolutely CAN be prescribed birth control pills and your mom will not find out. Go to a women's clinic or to a sexual health centre. You'll need to get pap smears every year. Maybe you could ask the doctor to write you a letter explaining the benefits to your heavy periods, something like "dear kazrinya, in response to your questions, yes, oral contraception should reduce your periods both in duration and intensity."  - in case your mom finds the pills and freaks out.

I went on the pill as a teen and my period went from 5-7 miserable days to 1-2 light, totally endurable days. You do have to pay for them but it won't be that much - I paid between 6-15$/month for mine (when I turned 18 the cost went up to 15$). But once you are in university your health plan will reimburse you what you pay.

Good luck! I remember how miserable those heavy days can be...
I just reread your post. If you do get a prescription at the sexual health center, pay for it yourself! Don't use your mom's work coverage because yes, she CAN find out about that part. Explain that you need to keep it confidential and you might qualify for reduced-cost pills. But again, they aren't that expensive, allowance can usually cover it (if you don't get an allowance, get a part-time job! your own money is great for independence).
There should be free health clinics in your area for people who dont have insurance...I hate to say this, but all you have to do is lie and say you have no income (my friend does that) and you will get your birth control for free! Good Luck!
ok i have a question. im not on my period and im not pregnant. i bled for about 4 days about a week or 2 weeks after i was off. it happened once when i woke up. twice while i was playin a sport. once jus during the day. it wasn't a lot, it was jus like discharge. it didn't fill a tampon up but i put one in just to b safe. it was not 4 days in a roll either. i haven't bled in well close to a week now. and i should start my period next week. i don't know what is going on. someone please help me! i really don't want to go to the doctor.
confused, i'm assuming that you're young.  it's not at all uncommon for teenagers to have irregular periods.  i don't think you have to worry.  unless you have pain or other symptoms, you probably just have to be patient.
I want to try out birth control too. My periods are virtually UNPREDICTABLE. some times they came and sometimes they dont.

It dosn't bother me when I dont get my period because I am still a virgin.

But i have betrayed my moms trust before and dont want her to second guess me because of birth control, but i also dont want to do it behind her back...

Which would be better?

to tell her, or not to?

Hormone pills shouldn't be taken lightly especially by teenagers. There is a substance that lightens or stops heavy bleeding, by stimulating smooth muscle, especially that of the uterus, arteries and veins, producing contraction or constriction. It's called ergometrine and is available as an injectable solution of 0,2 or 0,5 mg/ml ( 5 per pack ) and can be taken orally, it should act in about 10 minutes or instantly if injected. A doctor prescribed it for me when I had a heavy menstrual bleeding, one in the morning and one in the evening. I get the bleeding once or twice a year and this works every time.

If ergometrine is not available, vitamin K1 also does the trick, it is called Phytomenadione.
every since i became a vegetarian my cramps and flow have been a little lighter than I was used to. Try doing it will help you lose a little weight and be healthier!
i used to get horrible cramps from my period and it would be super heavy. I used to just deal with it (spend the day in bed crying lol) but then they got even worse and i had to go home from work a couple times. Thats when i finally got up the courage to tell my mom i was having really bad cramps and i think i needed to go to a doctor. She said ok and brought me in. much easier then i thought

i am currently on yasmin and it is like night and day. now i can take a normal amount of ibuprofen for my first/second day and barely feel anything

when do you turn 18? because you should start seeing a gyno when you turn 18 regardless of your sexual activity.
I think it would be better to see a gyno, but i have enough weight issues as it is... and dosent birth control make people gain like, a lot of weight?
I suppose working out a bit more would be worth getting rid of these cramps and getting a steady period... How can I tell my mom though?
well, one side effect of going on BC is weight gain, but another is also weight loss. this is typically no more then 5 lbs. honestly, if your cramps are that bad, 5 lbs shouldnt matter. Plus, the pills have gotten alot better since they first came less side effects.

To tell your mom, go up to her when she isn't busy, and tell her you have been getting really bad cramps and they are interfering with your life. Suggest to go to a doctor, maybe even her gyno. don't mention anything about BC or she might think the cramp story is bullshit. let the doctor offer that advice :)

good luck!
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