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Okay so recently I've been having a problem with my left hand, and sometimes my forearm, getting all tingly like it is going to all out fall asleep.  My legs and arms have also fallen alseep once in a while during the night or if I sit with my legs crossed for too long, but this is like all the time.  My Dad told me just to make sure I was exercising enough for better circulation, and I have been.  What alarmed me the most was that my hand started falling asleep while I was working out today...clearly it is not a circulation thing.

Anyone have any idea what this could be, or what to do about it?
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Could be a pinched nerve in your neck or upper back. I had this recently myself. Try doing some stretches.
Yes, it's probably a pinched nerve. A few years ago I had some identical symptoms (tingling in my arms) and I went to a Chiropractor who did an adjustment and it went away.
the nerves to the hand originate in the neck and there are several sites from the neck, down the arm and into the wrist and hand where they can be pinched and cause numbness.  Sometimes a nerve can cause numbness "upstream" from where its being pinched as well, so observe what the pattern of numbness is; whether it includes all or just some of the fingers, the palm, the back of the hand or either side of the forearm.  Also what are you doing to bring it on and what seems to relieve it.  The pattern will help you decide who to see to get evaluated. If its only part of the hand is involved then that probably is a trapped nerve and you might consider seeing an Primary Care Doctor or Orthopedist (PT and Chiropractors also manage these well). 3 separate nerves supply the forearm and hand, so it is really unusual to have  numbness involving an entire hand.  If you have that pattern its more often a medical problem than a trapped nerve. Circulation problems usually show up with a blue color or whiteness to the hand along with severe pain and numbness, and again should be evaluated by a medical doctor.
it could also be carpal tunnel syndrome.
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Have your Calcium and Vitamin B levels. Calcium will do that more than the B's but the B's will do it as well.
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