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Hand and body numbness while sleeping and on day and allways sleepy

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Hi I have trouble sleeping because i get numb no matter what position i sleep on ,i awake every hour or so and have to change position becuase i'm sore and numb,it is mainly the hands,arms and shoulders but happends in the hole body once in a while. I think because of that i'm sleepy all day and very tired, it happends too if i sleep in my back or chest then my back or chest hurts plus the arms still numb , but the last few days i wake up and my hands still numb for hours after i woke up, my fingers feel like if they were swollen (but they are not) any idea what can it be.  thanks.

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You should definately see a doctor. It may be something as simple as a pinched nerve, but could also be a sign of something much more serious.

Go to see your doctor and ask their advice.  If you have a nutritional deficiency e.g. anaemia or scurvy (lack of iron/B12/folates or Vitamin C), that can result in some of the symptoms you describe.  Poor circulation or blood pressure issues could be at the root of the problem.  It could be something entirely different, of course.  If you have a thorough physical check I'm sure the doctor will be able to help you. 

I go through something similar. I noticed I wake up a lot during the night and find that my hand or arm is totally numb and I have to wait a bit for it to get out of sleep mode..which hurts like a b**ch. Haha..Just as it is when your leg falls asleep on you.

The other day as well I woke up with two red lines on my wrist, but I just looked now and they are gone. :/

gi-jane,   The symptom of numbness she is describing is definately not anemia or scurvy or any other nutritional deficiency. Besides, there have only been about 12 reported/documented cases of scurvy in the past 40 years...

'Definitely' not?   She mentioned chronic fatigue which is a pretty common symptom of iron-deficiency.   Incidents of scurvy are admittedly rare but vitamin C deficiency is possible where people live on an extremely poor diets.  Old people living alone and ED sufferers, for example.   Symptoms include muscle pain, tiredness and feelings of discomfort.  Of course, it could be a more general circulation problem or something else completely unrelated....   Like I said... a visit to the doctors would be very advisable....

GI, You are correct that "chronic fatigue" and the like s/s could be in fact related to a severe nutritional deficiency and I'm not saying she doesn't have any deficiencies but the main issue she was describing (ie: the acute and/or lasting numbness of the extremities and/or whole body) is definately not caused by a vit/min deficiency.

I don't want to scare her (the OP) but the first thing that came to my mind was MS. Certainly, a visit to the doc would be in order to rule out anything serious.

Inosital is a great vitamin that has helped w/my circulation problem, look into it -- it's works wonders. 

Inosital is a great vitamin that has helped w/my circulation problem, look into it -- it's works wonders. 

Have your thyroid checked. I was having the same problem and since ive been on my medication its gone...good luck!

Me too! Well, not the whole-body numbness thing, but the numb hands if I sleep on my arm. I haven't changed my sleeping position, but it just started recently. No fatigue, and it goes away as soon as I sit up and wave my arm around. So I think it's to do with circulation - possibly mild anaemia because I'm vegetarian, but take iron when I remember, and I haven't changed my diet recently. Any ideas?

Have your doc pull some blood and check an anemia profile just to be sure, but it's highly doubtful that mild anemia would cause the numbness you are describing. Do you have other symptoms? Fatigue, decreased appetite, etc?

I'm just gonna throw a few things out there but just for brainstorming purposes.

*If you're a very sedentary person, sitting or laying in one position can cause your muscles and overall body to feel crummy. Just simply laying around all day and not using your muscles could cause atrophy and a lot of discomfort.

*My father has fibromyalgia. It's something where they have to rule out a bunch of other illnesses before they land on it. Patients with it have several points on the body that have discomfort and fatigue and they are generally sleepy too.

*Sleep apnea can cause you to be sleepy all day because you never got the rest that you need every night. If you have a sleeping partner, ask them if they ever heard you stop breathing while you sleep.

*Vitamin deficiency. I was deficient on vitamin D since I'm hardly out in the sun (especially now) and it caused severe fatigue. Doc gave me a supplement

My advice would be to track your symptoms in your daily planner or journal. Take a multi-vitamin and do some excercise daily. Also, make an appointment with your doctor. Good luck

GD: nope, no other symptoms. I'm hungry as ever, with plenty of energy as long as I sleep at least 6 hours. At first it happened just on my ring finger, so I thought maybe the stone in my engagement ring was catching on things and making it press on one side. It did get a bit better when I turned the stone inwards at night - but now it happens on my other hand, too.

Maybe a better mattress?

malaika,  See your doctor or more specifically a neurologist to rule out anything serious. This is not nutritionally related and may be neurological.

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