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hair fall+sweating--pls help b4 i bald!!

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Recently I have noticed that I have a really bad hair fall.I am guessing it could be because i sweat a lot after my workout,Does it happen to anyone else.

I am getting enough protein in my diet as well.

PLease help b4 I become bald!!

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You should probably go to see your doctor and ask their advice.  Losing hair can be due to many reasons, not simply dietary deficiencies.  Get checked over to be on the safe side many calories are you consuming, and how much are you working out? Drastic weightloss sometimes causes hair loss. Like gi-jane said though it is probably a good idea to check with your doctor.

I had a period of time where I went crazy with working out, and hardly eating (that I'm working on fixing) and I lost a TON of my hair. My mom got scared when she saw yeah. It's taken over a year to fill out and still isn't the way it used to be. If you are cutting calories too much I'd try to fix that as soon as possible or you may continue to lose your hair. I also take a multivitamin, and biotin supplements. Protein can be important in your diet as well, but things like spinach and cabbage also have great vitamins for your hair.

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thanks so much both of you!!

I am feeling better today, today did not see manu hair falling.I think the first thing I should do is stop worrying abt it like I do :-)


My mom told me many years ago that we lose roughly 60 hairs a day.

If you notice that your hair is coming out in clumps or that it really is thinner or it's painful, then I'd recommend seeing a doctor.

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u know waht my hair falls more on the day I wash it and i think that is the problem.

I am getting some herbal shampoos from india and I think it will be fine.I am worrying too much,.Do you do anything special to take care of your hair ??and I think with my workout I sweat a lot and hence i guess it falls..

Hair (and skin and nails) reflects our general health and well-being.  We've all seen adverts for dog food that claim to give animals a 'glossy coat'!  If your diet is poor, if you exercise excessively, if you don't eat enough oils or if you're not eating enough food in total then it'll start to show in your complexion and hair condition quite quickly.

Shampoos only wash hair, they don't affect hair production.
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You should generally only wash your hair with shampoo every other day if you want to keep your hair from drying out/weakening. However I know this is not possible for many of us, especially those who sweat a lot while working out.. so try using less shampoo on your hair when you can. Always condition it. Also, never brush your hair when it is wet. Finger comb it, then you can comb when damp, and then only brush/style when it is almost dry! This will keep you from ripping your hair out with the brush.

You could also try getting one of those softer bristled round brushe

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Thanks for your response.

You know I wash it every other day but my hair has become very thin since past few days.

Is there anythin I could do to make it thicker.

Please let me know..I hate to touch my hair now.

Could your hormone's be out of whack?   That can also cause hair loss.      When you shampoo, only get the scalp... not the hair.  Most shampoos from the store contain things that dry your hair out.   

I have very curly hair and only use shampoo on my scalp on days that I worked up a great sweat.  If I didn't sweat much, water and conditioner on the ends is more than enough.

Your doctor may recommend a prenatal vitamin too.  These help hair and nails and skin a ton!     

Good luck!  And yes... the more you stress the more you risk losing more hair.   
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