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getting a gynecologist appt?

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Hey, I'm really unsure of the protocols for health type stuff, so I have a question:
how do I get an appointment with a gynecologist? Do I need to get a referral, or can I just call one up at random from the phone book?

I live in Ontario (Canada) and have no access to a family doctor at the moment.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You'll need a referral. It should be possible to get a referral through any drop-in clinic, depending on the nature of your concern and the attending physician. The reason it is a bit vague is whether an initial diagnosis is required to support the referral and whether follow-up care would need to be relayed to back a family doctor.

Some women prefer to see a gynecologist for sexual and reproductive health needs unrelated to any illness or condition (birth control, regular pap smears, physical examinations, fertility). In those cases, a knowledge of your medical history is not really required and the gynecologist really acts as your primary care physician.

However, if you have a specific concern then an attending physician in a clinic might be concerned that no family doctor is involved in the process.

If you have had a GP in the past (in another town or province) then be sure to let the clinic know as that does help the attending physician.

Getting a family doctor is a challenge in some cities across Canada and this may leave you in a catch 22 situation. However, some of the larger drop-in clinics also have attending physicians who are willing to take patients as a family doctor.

Hope this helps.

Things are different in the US where I am and even here depends on your insurance. For me I don't need a referal but I also see an internist who does the gyno exam but also the regular physical. It is just easier for me and if there were to be more of a problem with gyno issues then I could get refered out. Is this just for a regular exam? Can you ask your mom if younger who she goes to and then go to that person? That is how I started out. I am not big on just picking out of a phone book for docs

thanks guys. I guess I need to go to my university clinic, and get a referral from there? I live really far from mom, or any family, so unfortunately I can't use their docs ;)

I'm from the US too, but didn't need a referral.  You could always find a few and call and ask, and if you need a referral then go to the clinic? 


hope it all works out! :D

At my college, I was able to get my annual exam (pap, etc) at the school's health services. Also got bc prescriptions.

If that's the type of thing you need, you don't need to go to a specialist.

I'm in Canada and yes your university clinic will be the best place to start -- they are used to students who have moved a long way to go to university and don't have a family doctor in the area. It should be straightforward. Best of luck!

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