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what is a good OTC Allergy nasal spray

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Ok so I like prescription Nasonex and it works great but its expensive. Is there a good OTC nasal spray anyone can recommend?

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I always liked works quite well. You have to be careful not to use it more than what's recommended, because you'll end up worse than how you started. That's the case with most nasal sprays though.

Yea I love the nasonex but I think Im just going to get some claritin for allergy relief because I feel allergies are going to be an issue every day.

I have this question too. I was very impressed with Nasonex. Then I tried Afrin and it burns! Plus there was so many kinds in the store, I didn't know what to get. :(

I know alot of the nasal sprays are decongestants but I want one that is for allergies. I think Im just going to get a pack of claritin and leave it at that.

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