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What is a good multivitamin for women??

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I am looking for a good multivitamin.... Jillian Michaels recommends Maxine for Women but I know nothing about good vitamins. Anybody have a good recommendation??

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I take a generic prenatal multivitamin.  I like it because it does good things for my hair and nails, but I've recently heard that there could be something bad about generic multivitamin but I can't remember what it was...

i take one-a-day for women.  i bought generic store brands a couple of times, but when i realized that the store brands of other products i was buying (shampoo, razor blades, etc.) sucked, i decided to go back to the name brand.  don't know if they're actually any good....

i also just started taking 300mg of iron every day.  i've been anemic for decades, and it's cheap.
garden of life has an awesome line of supplements, including a multi called 'Living Multi.' Almost all of the supplements have probiotics in them, and all of them have vitimans and components found in a whole-food matrix, so you have to take a lot of them, but it's worth it; next best thing to actually eating all of those vitimans!
I take one called "Centrum" it is amazing, full of every vitamin imagineable its so great!

I actually work at a vitamin store. The ones sold at your grocery store/ drug store are synthetic and not good. the suggestion of garden of life was a good one. that vitamin is a 6-a-day one though. a great one a day is new chapter woman's one daily. it runs about 20 bucks for a month supply but has probiotics as well. this line is completely organic and made without fillers that you would find in a vitamin at the grocery store or in a brand like centrum. nature's plus is also a good one if you are staying active. the whole foods concentrate offers more energry production. i would suggest checking you your local whole foods or going to a local heath foods store. shopping online is good too :-)

I'm currently taking Viactiv's flavor glides. They make a one-a-day multivitamin (berry-flavored!) and a calcium supplement (vanilla-flavored!). For me, these pills are just WAY easier to take. They have a really nice coating that makes them easy to swallow and the coating is flavored so there is no yucky vitamin aftertaste. The best part about these vitamins is that I don't feel sick after taking them, which can be a problem with some multivitamins.

I take GNC's Women's Ultra Mega once per day multivitamin. It's nice enough, but its got that nice organic nasty smell and aftertaste. Take it with a whole glass of water and that's a non-issue, tho

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I have been taking GNC's Women's Ultra multi vitimen, multi mineral and some other suppliments for the last 5 years and have enjoyed good health.   Patrick Holford has some really great books about vitimens that I highly recommend.

I used to take One-A-Day Women, but it makes me sick.  I've found that the problems with some vitamins is that they put all 100% or of the Daily Value into one pill, so you take it all at once and get sick.

The best multivitamin I've ever taken (and tastes pretty good too!) is the Flintstone Vitamins.  They're milder because they're meant for children, but still have all the essential vitamins and minerals you need.  When paired with a healthy, balanced diet, they're more than enough!
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