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my measurements are bust: 33, waist 25, hips 34 what size do you think I would be? and is anyone willing to share their measurements?

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Probably a size 4 slim or so because of your height.

Why does it matter? Clothes should fit you, not you fit the clothes. If you're a size 8 (UK) in one shop but a size 10 in another who cares? Things vary from shop to shop. Buy as per what looks good on you, not what the number in the seam says.

I didnt say it did matter, I was merely asking for opinions not a lecture jeez

I gotta wonder why you're dieting with measurements like that.

I think you would be around a US 2 in pants and a small (or maybe xsmall in some ) in shirts

Probably a UK size 8 on the waist and a 10 on the top. As someone already said I wonder why you are on a diet site as you clearly aren't anywhere near overweight :)

I am 5'7 but have no clue. Anyhow my ? is you posted this on health and support and I am wonder what support you need with this or what you really are looking for

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