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Gallbladder and stones op anyone here that had 4 incisions holes, instead of 3 just wanna compare with others.

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Hi All

Had my gall bladder and stones removed Tuesday of last week and still very sore in one incision site, which is located at the bottom of the ribcage in the middle of the chest, this whole was for exploration of the bile duct, as most of my stones were situated, some people just have the 3 incisions, but others have the fourth and round my way I am the only one, some didnt have the gallbladder removed, just the stones, but I had it all removed aswell as the fourth incision site and it still is very sore. I have asked the staff nurses at the ward and they say some people heal quicker than others and I'm one of those that haven't healed as quick. I am going to see my Doctor today for piece of mind and have the wounds looked at.

But would love to have someone here, whos had the op and had the 4 incision, just so I can chat to, compare and feel like someone out there is like me as I feel quite alone and doing my partners head in as I am a worryer and constantly need reassuring. I also was told that because my boobs are droopy and I can not wear a bra at the mo, the boobs are pulling the incision site, making it uncomfortable and harder to heal. Is there anyone out there, thats had the same problem? All comments would be greatfully recieved in whats for me is a worrying time.

Look forward to hearing from you all. I know I can not be alone, as its a very common op.

Lots of love Sue aka astralhippyKiss

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I had 4 incisions with my GB removal - one for the camera, one for the light, one for the cutting instrument, and one for drainage. I had all kinds of weird stomach lumps from the gas they pump into you - they seriously freaked me out! The lumps go away within the week.

The middle inscision, just under my rib cage, did hurt quite a bit afterwards - I was in the hospital for three days until I could sit up on my own, and deal without a morphone drip. It was a week before I could walk around properly, and probably 2 months before I could begin re-training my core.

So in short - your incisions are normal, as is your post-op discomfort! Boobs I can't speak to, as I haven't got that problem ;)  I hope you feel better soon.

Hi thanks so much for your responce to my post, reading your responce has made me feel alot better knowing I am not alone, Your experience is lengthy to mine I was booked into hospital at 8am and was made ready for surgery by 11am and op, took 2 hours and as soon as I came round I just said I was in pain so they gave me morphine, I then had an hour sleep, then I was sat up and persuaded to get up and use comode and eat toast and jam, when I satified them in using toilet and eating I was sent home 2 hours after op, with only co-codamol and ibrufen tablets and 2 sheets of micropore and an aftercare leaflet and when I got home I was shaking, once morphine came out of my system at 6pm I was in horrendus pain that was not being got rid of by my tablets I was given, when I phoned them they said all was normal at this time and just rest. So my partner had to do everything for me and it was a truly miserable time, with no one to compare with, apart from a lady who lived in town, who had her stones removed not the gallbladder and she only had 3 incisions and was up being normal and well after just 2 days.

I was totally freaked out too, I just couldn't look at myself without sobbing, my partner found it hard dealing with me, as I was even too frightened to let him touch me and recover my wounds, he done an ace job dealing with my moods, constant sobbing and feeling like pooh, without him, I wouldnt of been able to cope physically or mentally I found it truly harrowing how your just a number and part of their conveyer belt of ops, there is no aftercare no more and hardly any support so thank you for finding the time to answer my post. I am now 6 days after the op and doctors said I was ok today and its only that chest wound and high side wound that needs to heal now.

So I am well on the road to recovery now, thanks, Sue aka astralhippy

Anyone else had similar experience like ours?

Geez, Sue, that's awful! I can't believe they sent you home with such weak painkillers - knowing that you were on morphine when you agreed to leave the hospital! Of course you felt well enough to leave, they were medicating you!

I've gone through a lot of medical awfulness in the past year and a half, and all I can say is you need to be aggressive with doctors and hospitals. It took me a long time to become a "squeaky wheel" as I view myself as a pretty tough chick, but I learned to not mask my pain, and tell doctors exactly what I want done.

It was hellish for my fiancee to watch me go through this stuff and then lie to him, saying I was fine because the doctors push for that response. He encouraged me to fight to get better, even if it meant arguing with doctors and staff.

I had 4 incisions as well, and that one hurt the most for me too.  My doctor explained that that's the one where they pull the gallbladder out from, so it gets stretched a good deal more than the other holes.  He actually sent me home with pictures from the procedure of my insides taken during the procedure, and showed me a video of the entire procedure afterwards!  Not mine, of course, but one just like it, and he explained everything that was being done.  I think he did that all for me because I expressed a lot of interest in the procedure beforehand, and even (jokingly) asked if I could take my gallbladder home with me Tongue out  

I may just have a higher threshold for pain, I don't know, but I didn't need any painkillers at all.  They kept me in hospital one night, and I went home bright and early the next day (they invited me to stay longer, but I went home instead).  I didn't need any painkillers when I got home, but they sent me home with Vicodin anyway.  I was pretty much back to normal after a week.  I couldn't bend over, get myself out of bed, etc, for the first week.  But I went back to work and functioned pretty well after that.

I'm sorry you guys had such bad experiences with your doctors.  They aren't all bad out there!  It's true though, don't let them push you around, and don't be afraid to demand to know what they're doing, why they're doing it, and to get painkillers when you need them!

5 weeks ago, I too had surgery to remove gallbladder.  I too have 4 holes. I had my surgery on a Thursday and was back to work on Monday ... felt good, no pain (that is after the initial excuciating pain right after surgery from the gas ... OMG worse than labor!)  All the incisions healed fairly well, the one at my naval was initially inflamed.. but primary Dr. put me in antibiotics ... all seemed fine ... except the one just below the ribs, like yours, has been a bit tender and seemed to not heal completely ... but in my busy life, just blew it off ... However, yesterday a.m., when I awoke there was yellow stuff oozing from that incision ... as hubby and I inspected, there is a small hole right in the middle ... Now this is GROSS ... SO IF YOU ARE TIMID...STOP READING!!!

Hubby squeezed the incision and it looked like 2 stitches and alot of other gross stuff popped out ... really freaked me out!  Waiting to see Dr today. 

I am also going to do more research.

BTW, today is May 1, 2009 ... How are you feeling now?


I also had 4 incisions. One right in my bellybutton, 2 on my side and one on my stomach. My bellybutton looked so funny with the stitches in. Kind of like a christmas turkey. Heheh! So far all my scars faded, except for the big one they made on my stomach itself.
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