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Gallbladder Disease and Weight Gain! Is it related?

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I found out today, I have severe gallbladder disease. My doctor is recommending that I have it removed. I am thinking this is a good idea due to the amount of pain that I am in right now. I am nervous about going into surgery, I have never been put under before. Do I have to have it removed or is there a cure? Also, I would like to know if there is a link between gallbladder disease and weight gain. I have gained 20 pounds since November. I started to worry after I packed on the first 10 pounds so I hit the gym and started keeping track of my calories. I have been using the elliptical at the gym at my target heart rate for 1 hour a day and have kept my calories below 1600 (which is what this site recommends for my age, height, etc.) I have not lost any weight. I just keep gaining! Is this from the gallbladder disease or am I do I need to tweak my diet and exercise routine?

2 Replies (last) isease.shtml  This site seems to be saying that weight gain is sometimes associated with bladder disease.  Honestly though, both my mother and aunt lose about ~20 lbs when suffering with bladder disease/gall stones.  I think it was because they would vomit after a fatty/greasy/refined sugar meal.  I think that if you avoid greasy/fatty/refined sugary foods you can probably keep your gall bladder-depending largely on how far "gone" your gall bladder is or how bad your attacks are (there's a doctor on one of these forums who could tell you much more than I could).  The surgery was really easy for both of my relatives-the only evidence was a teensy scar (there is usually only one tiny incision made for this surgery).  As far as being put under for the surgery, make sure you're not allergic to the anesthetic that they use (I was and it was nasty).  This is a fairly routine surgery, you should be fine :)

I LOST weight when my gallbladder was diseased and GAINED weight when I had it removed.  I was not eating healthy before or after but the diseased gallbladder was keeping my body from turning sugars into fat (that's how the doctor explained it to me) so when I didn't change my eating habits after it came out...I gained 100 pounds.  But if you do have stones and they travel out of your gallbladder it can be very serious so don't let weight gain scare you out of getting it taken care of.

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