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Gaining Weight by eating junk food

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So I need to gain weight.  It's clear to me, my family, and the doctors.  Most importantly me. I finally came to a realization of it.  Anyway so I truely wante to do it the healthy way by just eating more (healthy foods) but it doesn't seem to be working. I even have protien shakes.  So lately I've been eating a lot of junk food and sweets to gain weight.  I know this isnt healthy but seems to be the only way to gain weight. Is this right?  Whats a healthier way?
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gaining weight by eating junk food is definitely not the way to go.

If you aren't gaining weight by eating healthy, I would just increase the amount of healthy calories you eat every day.

Here is some information I found on

What to Eat to Gain Weight Increasing your intake of junk foods and greasy foods is not a good way to gain weight. Junk foods usually contain unhealthy trans fats or saturated fats. Even though you need to increase your calorie consumption to gain weight, those calories should come from foods that are good for you. Healthy fats include omega-3 essential fatty acids sources like tuna, salmon, flax, and walnuts. Good sources of protein include lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds and legumes. Healthy carbohydrate sources include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It may be easier to eat five or six smaller balanced meals per day rather than eating three large meals, especially if you are not used to eating much at one sitting. Protein powders and nutritional supplement drinks such as Ensure can be added as in-between meal snacks if you still need more calories. Some protein powders are flavored and only need added water and some others can be blended with your choice of juice or milk to improve the taste. It would be a healthy idea to add a small amount of flax seed oil and some psyllium powder to add some omega-3 essential fatty acids and extra fiber.

Dietary Supplements and Gaining Weight A good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need. Some people find that their muscle mass increases with protein supplements that contain certain blends of amino acids such as creatine and glutamine. Some people who are very ill may need liquid nutritional preparations that are available through their doctors. Resistive Exercise to Gain Weight Exercise is also important. Resistance training like lifting weights will help to increase muscle mass and may be a better choice rather than aerobic training, which is better suited to fat loss. Resistance training can be done at a health club, gym or at home with the proper equipment.

The way to gain weight, is by eating heathy foods. If you eat way to many junk foods, you get unwanted fats and other problems with the body. Let your body take time to gain weight, by eating normal foods and maybe less excersize. Try eating higher calories and see where you get to.

ok,ok, dont scare yourself back into the hole (the 'hole of death' as i call it) my cardologist, gp and mother (who is studying to be a doctor) all say yeah eat healthy meals but if eating sweets a) reconnects you to food b) you enjoy it and c)gives you calories and weight gain then why not? my cardio (mum and i call him mr.'all-fat-good-fat') told me to eat anything and everything, he stressed carbs, protien and fats(telling me ALL fats even those labelled 'bad' are deprived of in an anorexic's body and are GOOD-and tasty :P). The only real problem with unhealthier stuff is lack of nutrients which you probably lack yourself, so nutritious foods are important, to support and feed your bodies needs. but (in my opinion remembering im only 14) if you eat a diet of a normal healthy person - healthy breakfast,lunch and dinner - your snacks should be allowed to be 'junk'; your getting the nutrients for a body to function plus adding weight. i was 88 now 95 eating 3000cals, a bit more junk than i think i should be, my mums only problem with that is not enough veggies and i feel too guilty all the time. my only concern is i will develop bad habbits, if you ave enough will-power to maintain a healthy diet your fine, if not learn to ONCE youhave gained weight, the longer you wait the more damage done.

my doc said no exercise until 100lb, once i have strength so if urs says so ignore me, how much do you weigh? even if your a little underweight there are no unwanted fats, foods or nutrients you body NEEDS it, every person ive met in recovery says dont limit or even think about saturated fats, or any food for that matter.

if your wondering "wheres the catch" well, too much sodium (salt) makes your body hold onto water a bit more, so you'll bloat and gain water weight easy, which subsides easily over time and can be stopped by drinking lotsa water, nothing to worry about though.

if your still on the fence about recovery please message me.

Hello there!

First of all, well done on looking to gain weight for your health, for whatever purpose - whether recovery from an eating disorder, a fast metabolism, or just wanting to put a little on. The dangers of being underweight are numerous and so I congratulate you on wanting to get healthier. Now, I remember when I began recovery, and all I could think was: "Goodness, I'm going to have to eat so much cake" because I honestly couldn't think of good foods to eat to get my calories up! Fast forward to the future, and I am having to average about 3000-4000 calories a day - while still eating 90% clean.

Eating good foods to gain weight isn't as tricky as it sounds. Your new friends will be in high-calorie, low-density foods. These are exactly as the name states: food smaller in size compared to their calorie content. Kaym22 listed some very good examples, but to reiterate:

(The items underlined are veggie friendly (although not neccessarily vegan friendly!))

Example Sources of EFAs, or essential fatty acids:
Oily fish - eg salmon, pilchard, mackerel
Seeds - eg sunflower, flax, pumpkin
Nuts - eg walnuts, almonds
Nut butters - eg peanut, cashew, almond
Oils - eg extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, rapeseed (canola) oil - there is a massive list of EFAs in oils here. l

Example Sources of Proteins:
Oily fish - eg salmon, pilchard, mackerel
Red meats - eg beef, lamb
White meats - eg chicken, turkey
Legumes, pulses - eg chickpeas, beans of all types, lentils
Seeds - eg sunflower, flax, pumpkin
Nuts - eg walnuts, almonds
Nut butters - eg peanut, cashew, almond
Certain grains - eg quinoa, oats
Soy - eg tofu, soy beans, soy derived products
Dairy - (when gaining, opt for whole fat) eg cheese, milk, ice cream

Example Sources of Healthy Carbohydrate:
Wholegrains - eg oats, whole grain bread, brown rice, quinoa, corn (to name just a few!)
Starchy vegetables - eg sweet potato (or yam), other variations of potato, radishes
Fruits - eg bananas, apples, pears, berries, plums, peaches, pineapple
Dried fruits - (particularly useful for gainers) eg figs, dates, prunes, apricots, raisins and sultanas
Other natural sugar sources - eg honey

You also want to make sure you are getting plenty of fibre, though this is usually easily done by eating a well balanced diet. I would suggest staying away from gainer formulas as they are NOT neccessary - it is much easier and generally better to make your own smoothies! And, while you really ought to not worry so much about numbers as you will be getting more of eat food group with a higher intake, do still monitor your salt if you can.

To aid in your gaining, try weight lifting and resistance exercises. This will help you build muscle and is much more productive than cardiovascular exercise, which can actually be counter-productive. Yoga and pilates may also be beneficial, though they can be more of a personal choice. For advice on routines and general help with fitness try the Fitness forum.

But remember! Moderation is key. Remember to let yourself have treats once in a while during your gaining route as, just as eating all junk can be bad, so can eating entirely clean and not indulging a little once in a while! You can have your cake and eat it too. ;]

I hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions, please ask! :D Good luck!

 - Ellie.

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