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Full bladder filling but I don't have a UTI

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Just a few weeks ago I had a bladder infection and went through all of the antibiotics and everything returned to normal, I started regular exercise and have included a lot of healthy foods into my daily intake. A couple of days ago it felt like the infection was returning because my bladder feels full a lot but I don't have a lot to void. I have been drinking more water but in my experience that makes me need to go a lot but when I go I void a lot. I went to the doctor yesterday but there weren't any signs of an infection but today I was exercising for 30 minutes and near the end I was feeling like I had to go but once in the restroom I only gave out a little and it's been like that all day long even though I've been drinking quite a bit of water. 

All of this really bothers me and I don't know what could be going on. Any experiences like this? Any ideas or thoughts?

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Sounds like symptoms of an overactive bladder. The nerves may still be irritated from the bladder infection causing them to signal you to go pee when you have very little urine in the bladder. If you feel an other signs of the return of infection (pain, burning, blood in urine) go back to the doctor immediately. Otherwise go back in a couple of days if the frequent peeing and little output continues. Don't feel like you're being a bother. Sometimes you have to repeatedly mention symptoms in order for them to be recognized.

When you say you went to the doctor again, did they do a urine culture?

If not, then go back and get one. I've had UTI that went under the radar because just a mild symptom was present (slight feeling of fullness to the bladder, or just slight irritation upon urinating).

How does the urine look. Is it light yellow? If any darker, then you need to drink more. Exercise can really make you lose water, and for anyone prone to UTI we need to drink even more than usual.

From personal experience (chronic and recurring UTI's since early childhood) antibiotics do not work, or rather they remove the infection, not the symptoms and the infection comes back pretty quickly.

Eventually I gave up going to the doctors and just tried to live with it. Also impossible.

So I began researching alternative treatments. 


That link helped a lot, I still get infections occasionally, but the symptoms dont last more than a few hours and there is no worry of my body becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Do you have any history of kidney stones?  Did they check (MRI)?  Small one may not hurt but can restrict flow and cause you to void less volume.

I had this problem a few months ago. It was about a year after my first UTI, but tests came back negative for one. So I just...dealt with it, I guess. I drank lots of water, and after a couple weeks it went away.

I also started drinking filtered/bottled water instead of tap water, because the tap water in my area is AWFUL (tons of stuff in it- leaves a gross buildup in sinks and tubs). I think that really helped more than anything. It's a completely unsubstantiated theory, however :)

Also, if you're doing the cranberry pill thing to help ward off UTIs, make sure you're not taking too much. I was guzzling those things trying to get rid of mild UTI symptoms, and I think I was just making it worse.

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