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Fruit is making me hungry. Sign of diabetes???

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Question for someone in the know.  I recently added more fruit to my eating style so that I made sure I was eating breakfast, snacks, etc.  Trying to get those 6 small meals in and keep my calories where they should be.  I'll have a banana for breakfast, maybe one later, some strawberries, etc.  But since I started doing this, about an hour after eating the fruit - I'm starving.  I have not had this happen on any other eating arrangement before.  We have diabetes in my family but I haven't used real sugar since I was about 11 and I don't have sugar cravings, unlike some of my siblings.  Could the fruit be setting off some kind of diabetic sequence because of all of it's natural sugars?

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I think your hunger sprouts more from the reason that fruit has very little protein, which helps keep you full. If you are trying to eat 6 meals a day, it is important that each meal is still balanced--meaning, the meal has carbs and fat, fat and protein, or protein and carbs. A banana is not a complete meal, especially for breakfast, which should be your largest meal.

Fruit is very healthy, however, it is more satisfying if you eat it with something else. Try eating a handful of nuts, some toast, cottage cheese, or peanut butter with your fruit.
Thanks. Usually for breakfast I will also include a whole wheat bagel or maybe cereal. My eating style is low fat and counting calories and it's worked so far (43 lbs lost since Oct) but I've been in a stall for the last 2 months so I was trying to shake up my diet with some fruit, which I don't usually eat a lot. Making myself eat breakfast is probably the hardest part of my eating style because I just never did, even as a kid and usually skipped lunch as well.
But fats are very important to the diet! At least 20-30% of your calories should come from fat. Fats help your body absorb vitamins, keep your hormones running strong, and keep your hair, nails, and skin shiny and healthy. Try including nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, olives, seeds, or avocado to your diet to bump up the fats.

Oh, I'm making sure I do the "good" fats a lot.  Just cut out ALLLLL trans fat and as much sat. fat as possible.   The things you mentioned, I eat all except the avocados. Just can't do those things.  LOL.  And I'll splurge maybe once a month with a good old fashioned steak.  Eat lots of cold water fish, etc. 

I have the same problem! I can eat a massive portion of fruit, (I really love fruit,) like a pound of grapes or half a cantaloupe , and still be super hungry not long after. I didn't know it could be diabetes, though... that's scary. :(

lol..i used to think like you guys but i found out from articles,that eating fruit won't cause diabetes(my friends say that too).Fruit sugars doesn't need insuline to convert..

The problem with many fruits is that, whilst they contain some filling fibre, they're mostly sugary water which is easily absorbed into the blood-stream.  High-ish GI, in other words.  Some fruits are better than others.... green apples and bananas are more sustaining than water-melon or grapes, for example.  Try to snack on other things as well.

Its most likely that you are hungry not long after because fruit is generally high GI and easily digested and absorbed. Try mixing fruit with other things, like have toast or cereal and fruit, or fruit on yogurt. Fruit is awesome for dessert as well, on of my fave easy desserts is baked apples, just take out the cores, bake until they are a bit wrinkly, and serve with a scoop of low fat icecream. Yum!

I experience the same.  Non-fruit snacks beween meals are fine but often fruit creates a strong food craving.  I dont have diabetes but I am insulin resistant so when the sugar hits my blood and then drops - HUNGER!  Its an intense hunger that comes on quickly.  Obviously not because my stomach is empty - Im not eating any less than another snack. 

What Ive found works is having either shortly following a meal or shortly before having one.  The food eaten right before it helps calm down the response and in the latter situation, I will be eating a meal soon so the hunger is taken care of.

If you do have fruit smack in between meals, consider also having a piece of cheese or small amount of protein food first along with it.  This has also helped me.

If your being checked for diabetes, you might also consider looking into insulin resistance.
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Some fruits, especially bananas, make me extremely hungry. My doctor tested me twice for diabetes and I came up normal. If you are concerned, ask your doctor to check you. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.
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