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Frequent bloating and stomach pain

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I feel bloated most of the day and look about 4 months pregnant. On top of that, when I eat a meal larger than say breakfast, the bloating is instant and is followed by painful sporadic pains in my stomach and upper bowel region. I often have gas as well.

Has anybody else suffered from this and if so, was there an underlying medical condition?

Some medical conditions of mine are:

1. Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I don't take any medication for because I refuse to take hormonal treatment (it doesnt work with my body) and the medication they want to put me on is Metformin, a medicine for diabetics. I am not overly keen about using that either.

2. I have Blastocytis Hominis cysts. An untreatable bacterium that lives in my bowels and the cysts strain is the most aggressive - could this possibly be linked to that?

Can anyone recommend any over the counter or homeopathic medicines I can take to soothe these symptoms?

Thanks for all your help


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Do you not have insurance? I ask because you want something over the counter...

You need to go to a doctor. Bloating on that level is not normal; you probably have some form of IBS. But you could also have a serious dysfunction of your digestive system. It's best to see a doctor and have tests run, such as a gastric emptying test. Also, are you able to have daily bowel movements? You might be backed up, and therefore need a laxative to relieve the bloat and pain.

I have several GI disorders and am familiar with the stabbing pains and bloating; I take several medications a day that help me.

I live in the UK so I don't need insurance. Saying that, it's not easy to get a doctor's appt these days and when you do you're shoved from pillar to post...but anyhow.

I am very regular, no problem with that, and for the most part no pain. Except sometimes I experience very painful bowel movements that are quite sudden. They are painful because I'm having to hold them in whilst I make it to the bathroom. They tend to be soft and sometimes watery. (sorry it that's too much info!)

Sounds like IBS. I had that form in grad school - every time I was on the phone with my professor to talk about my overdue thesis, I had the urgent need to go to the bathroom. It was almost Pavlovian - and all stress related.

I'd try for an appointment in the meantime. I've heard stories about how long it can take to get care on your side of the pond; it's not much better here with HMOs, but at least we get lots of new drugs courtesy of the drug companies pushing them at doctors. Until your appointment, the interwebs are full of dietary advice on how nest to deal with IBS. Low fat, low spice (heat-wise), low acid diet generally, and stress will always make it worse. Keeping a food diary chart with how your feeling, and your stress level, might come in handy for diagnosis.


I've had very similar problems recently, and have been diagnosed with IBS. The bloasting/cramps are usually associated with periods of constipation followed by the opposite!

You can get over the counter meds, as well as herbal tablets. My best recommendation is to ask the pharmacist at Boots or go into Holland & Barratt (or other natural store). Anti-spasm drugs like buscopan IBS or spasmodol help with the cramps, and peppermint capsules do too. Natural laxatives like prunes/grape juice etc can also help if you're gassy or bunged up.

I had an awful week last week and put on 7lbs due to constipation/bloat, but these things do help without taking prescription meds.

hi, are you on birth control? I switched pills and about 2 months in I started getting really bloated, I looked up the side effects on line for it and there were alot of comments of other women having the same problem. I switched back to my other Birth control and with in 30 days the bloating was gone.


Thanks so much for the feedback thus far. I'm definitely going to look into som over the counter meds and herbal remedies as I'm not a huge fan of pumping my body full of medicines.

In terms of birth control, I'm not on any because my body reacts really badly to them. My doctor told me to go on it to control my PCOS but I felt the side affects weren't worth it. It does mean that I get really bad cravings and my weight flucates but I've started keeping a food and mood diary. Hopefully that will help with the apparent IBS too.

  ksa1stlady, do you get your period??why don't you take anything for PCOS? I have PCOS too and I don't get my period. I also suffer from severe contispation and bloating. I look like a pergnant woman.

what are some natrual laxatives besides prune juice??

Yes my period is regular and unproblematic. The main symptoms I get with my PCOS is increased facial hair and skin tags/moles forming frequently.

I don't take anything because I refuse to be put on something that nobody has taken 2 minutes to think if that's suitable for me or not.

The NHS just want to shove the 'usual' at you but hormonal treatment only ends up making my symptoms worse and additional. Then they prescribed Metformin - a drug for diabetics! Because some trials had shown it to work.... but it's not conclusive. So when I have the time and money I'm going to seek further advice but I'm not wasting any more of my time with the NHS  - it took over a year just to get to the point of offering Metformin. Useless!

I used to feel exactly like that.  I finally found out accidentally, that I am allergic to glutern. Celiac.  The first time I had a blood test for it, it came back negative.  A saliva test diagnosed it.  But by then I'd been off gluten, and living pain and bloat-free for long enough to know I never want to even try eating wheat again!  I was even hospitalized a few times for stomach pain and problems, but nobody at the hospital diagnosed me correctly.  They always said it was some kind of virus. 

You could try a gluten-free diet for a few weeks, and see if it helps.  It's a really easy, healthy way to eat.  Fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, beans, chocolate, ice cream... I love it!  I hope you find the answer.  I've been there, and it's a painful way to live.


Dori, this is really weird. so the blood test came back negative but you did had celiac??

I suspected that I have celiac too but my blood test came negative. maybe I should ask my doctor for a salvia test?

ksa1stlady, what is your diet look like? is it a low carb or low GI or both? I have been reading about this but still confused.

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