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I was walking to campus and its quite cold cause its night and when i get to the library (i have an assignment to print for tomorrow) i look at my fingers and they are completely yellow! They felt strange too, kinda tingley. I usually have cold hands (in fact most the time), but they have never done that before, even over the last few months when the temperature was way colder.

I've read about that Raynaulds disease thing, so i'm guessing its something like that - i just thought with that your hands go blue/white or even purple, but this was really yellow. I don't smoke or anything, but it reminded me of smokers fingers.

Has anyone else had this before? Is this something i can just ignore, or will i need to go to the doctors? Could it be anything else other than this raynaulds thing? I just think its weird how it just happened, when i've never really suffered from anything like that except just really cold hands. Weird huh?

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yea. absolutely. i have that happen all the time!! the trouble for me is when my body temperature is cold my fingers and toes get the trouble first. i always have cold hands; even when it's relatively warm...people are always commenting on how cold they are. But when it's cold outside they legitimately turn yellow; some fingers get it worse than others. very my hands will be red in certain spots and then certain fingers will be full blown yellow. it's poor circulation, no doubt, but cause by what? I am unsure!!!!!


I have Raynaud's syndrome and often my extremeties turn blue/purple. However, it is not unfrequent that the fingers/toes turn white upon poor ciculation rather than a blue or purple. The white color could very well have a yellow undertone which may account for your yellow fingers. Try running your fingers under warm water if it happens again.

well jaundice (yellow skin) can be a condition that comes with anorexia or low body weight. When i was born my feet and hands were yellow and during the last years when i unfortunatley became anoerxic the yellowness came back. Along with my fingers being horribly cold in all weather.... its horrible and i still have it after being completley weight restored.

We talked with my doctor about the concerns and he says its probably Gilberts Disease, this is a basic thing about it taken off a site:

Gilbert’s syndrome is a common, mild disorder thought to be inherited in around half of all cases. Men are at higher risk than women, and tend to develop Gilbert’s syndrome between their late teens and early 30s. Usually the disorder is diagnosed by chance during the investigation of unrelated illnesses.

Gilbert’s syndrome is considered a harmless condition and typically does not need treatment.

you could always ask your doctor if you may have gilberts disease. but if you have been eating low calorie the yellow skin may be from fatigue or liver failure. i reccomend just seeing your doctor.

definitely sounds like Raynaud's syndrome

That would be Raynaud's! I have had it for years. When I am a little cold I go blue/purple. When I am really cold I go completely yellow and numb/tingly in my hands and feet. After losing a lot of weight (natural padding) on CC it happens much more often too. I have been to a doctor but they just told me to keep warm, wear gloves, heavy socks and to run warm water over it if I need to. It even happens to me indoors if the AC is too high!

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