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What to do?

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After gaining to a healthy weight in March 2011 and maintaining it for a few months, I relapsed and am now 107 lbs (5'9"). 

My parents want me to gain weight again, and I've started going to ED support groups so I guess it's time for me to actually make a change :/ but I'm terrified

I've managed to increase my intake to around 1350 calories per day (I'm pretty sedentary) but can't seem to make it past that...I'm worried about gaining too much or too fast. Right now I'm practically maintaining on this. 

Does anyone have any advice or a similar experience? Or at least some words of encouragement? I just feel hopeless right now :( 

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Your still underweight, just remember that you aren't going to become this massive blob overnight, you are far away from being a healthy weight, just aim for a bmi of 18, you CAN do this, you just need a little push, accept the help given! Good luck!
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