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What foods can I eat while waiting for Gall Bladder Removal

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For well over 5 years I have suffered from what I now know was mild Gall Bladder disease. I would only get sick to my stomach and have diarrhea when I ate dairy products and then only occaisionly, sometimes I could eat dairy and be fine. But the weekend before Thanksgiving  changed the whole picture for me.  Now it doesn't matter what I've tried cutting out, I still get severe abdominal pain and the runs. I'm belching all the time and feel like I have acid coming up when I belch.  I also feel like everything I eat or drink "curdles" in my stomach.  A fewdays ago the pain extended into my right side and right shoulder blade.  My family doc is 99% sure it's my gall bladder and I have an ultra sound tomorrow to confirm her diagnosis.  The problem is that I am running for the bathroom within 1/2 an hour of eating and am always sick to my stomach with a full feelin no matter how little I ate.  I've tried just eating apple sauce,  yougurt,  baked potatoe, soda crackers and some boneless skinless chicken, but so far they've all made me run to the bathroom. I'm afraid to eat anything now but my stomach is always growling and I get "shaky" feeling if I don't eat. Has anyone found something they can eat while waiting for surgery. I"m miserable and would appreciate any advice.

God Bless

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If it is your gallbladder and you are having such severe symptoms your surgeon may decide to do surgery to remove it fairly quickly. If not then your doc's should be able to provide you with some meds to help relieve some of the symptoms so that you can at least eat some food without getting sick.

If it is in fact just your gallbladder that is causing all of this (could be multi-factorial) than I will try to help you from that respect. Considering the gallbladder is a vessel to store the enzymes and bile acids that assist in the breakdown and metabolism of dietary fats, then if it is in a diseased state, you will have difficulty tolerating almost any amount of fat. And it sounds like from your description of your symptoms that thats pretty much where you're at with this.

My suggestion to you would be first to cut out almost any and all fats/oils from your diet. That includes healthy fats and all. After you have done that and are choosing fat free or very low fat foods for a day or 2 you can then evaluate your symptoms and see if you need to restrict your diet further. If you are still not tolerating with a low, low fat diet, then go through the following list of suggestion:

- eliminate all fat from the diet (less than 10 grams per day total)

-eat very small meals 5-6 times per day

-avoid anything spicy or acidic (ie: citrus, tomatoes)

-choose low fiber, bland, and soft foods which will empty quickly from the stomach

-try to get more calories from fat free liquids such as fruit juices (apple, white grape, peach, low acid orange)

-avoid alcohol and caffiene

-dont smoke or chew gum (these can be gastric irritants as well)

I have an iffy gall bladder too.  No stones, but it's inflammed and the docs feel the risk to me is greater than the benefit of surgery and they don't want to take it out.  I had a complete upper and lower GI series of tests and nothing else is wrong.

Meanwhile, low fat or no fat seems to help the most.  Also, the gastroenterologist says that since we know for sure what is causing the loose bowels, it's ok to take immodium when I go out.  But you'll need to check with your doctor.

Everybody I know who has had gall bladder surgery says how much better they feel afterwards.  They also tell me that the surgery is really easy.  Good Luck!

You might appreciate these two links.

Help needed, gall bladder pains

The Times, Nutrition Q+A: "My dad has just been put on a fat-free diet until he can have his gall bladder removed in January. What would be a healthy alternative to the indulgent Christmas Day lunch?"

The first is a link to a fairly recent thread on someone who had to undergo gallbladder surgery, full of advice on foods. The second is a recent article from The Times, from a nutritionist giving advice on a low fat lunch for a daughter with a father preparing to undergo surgery post-Christmas. I don't know when your surgery may end up being for so you may appreciate that.

Hope your surgery goes well, because I think eventually you will have it because I suffered with a bad gallbladder for two years , thats how I lost about 70 lbs because I did not eat any fat or very little fat because milk, meat, nuts or some kinds of breads made my stomach hurt for 10 to 12 hours specially after was horrible because I went to the ER 5 times and those times they would send me home saying it was acid reflux then a doctor told me it was a fatty liver and they assumed I drink to much..but I don't drink at all. So for those two years I took it upon myself to make a bad diet to help me feel better only eating veggies, fruits, and fish (sometimes) and it worked (sometimes) and then thank God I had surgery this past August and got rid of my gallbladder, I was in so much pain that I had to a stone removed through my mouth that was in between my pancreas and gallbladder and then the removed it after 5 days of fasting..they could not give me anything to eat because I would vomit..So if I was you I would have all the exams available so you dont go through the hell I went through..Good Luck!

Oh man, i hope you get it removed soon. My attacks got so bad, the stones blocked the bile ducts between gallbladder and liver, and i became jaundiced, was hit with a severe case of pancreatitus, and ended up hospitalised for 12 days. This was last October. I finally had the surgery last Thursday. It wasn't just fat that triggered my attacks either. I couldn't even eat oatmeal or anything dense. The worst 2 months of my life, i can tell you.

It's insane how quickly things can turn bad if it's not taken care of properly. I truly feel for you, because the pain is insufferable.


I hope they sort you out soon! GB pain is the absolute pits.

Best thing before surgery is a very low fat, low acid, mostly liquid diet. Eat very small amounts throughout the day. Please call your doctor for their opinion, but a good place to start can be the BRAT diet (bread, rice, applesauce, tea.) Ensure and Boost are both easily digestable  liquid meal supplements with lots of vitamins and calories. Cream-free soups are an excellent option. Feel free to message me if you need to talk (I'm scheduled for my 3rd G.I. surgery of the year next month, and I've learned more then I ever cared to about digestion!) *big hugs*

Thanks for the advice everyone.  I had my ultrasound this AM and they said my doctor would have the report in 2-3 days.   I am down to an all liquid diet as everything else goes right through me.  I tried the BRAT diet when this all first started and was only successful with applesauce now even that is going through me.    I am getting some nourishment  from Ensure if I make one little bottle last for 2-3 hours takin small sips.  I just hope they get me into a surgeon soon I can't handle much more of this.  My family doc told me signs to watch for that would indicate I need to get to the ER like new or worsening pain or 100+ fever.   My aunt had gall bladder problems 3 years ago and ended up loosing 25 pounds before the surgery and 20 after the surgery before she got her appiite back. This is not my idea of a good way to loose weight!  Thanks Again for the advice and ideas to try for nourishment.

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