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Foods to calm down a queasy stomach...

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OK people, HELP please!!! I've some things going on in my life that have upset my schedule quite a bit. I haven't been sleeping well for the last two nights, and my stomach has been grumbling in the most unsettling, annoying and embarrassing way ever.

I have been eating cereal (honey bunches of oats with almonds) with skim milk, and homemade food for the most part. The only outside food I consumed was two slices of pizza yesterday. I hadn't had any coffee for a while, before today morning, which I needed because of only 3.5 hrs of sleep last night. (I haven't eaten beans, in case you are wondering. I did have a little bit of raw broccoli Friday afternoon).

What foods would you recommend to settle my stomach so it quits making these embarrassing noisesEmbarassed

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Tea always helps my stomach.

Also, I remember when I had stomach aches when I was a little girl, my dad would take brown pop and shake it until it was flat. It really calmed my stomach.

My dad's a doctor.  He says the best things for an upset stomach are clear liquids, followed by fruit and veg.  The worst things are bread, cereal and other complex carbs as well as milk.  Which goes against the traditional saltines, or dry toast or toast soaked in milk...

If your stomach is rumbling because of excess acid (which can be caused by stress) then plain/easily-digested foods and liquids will help most.  So that's things like drinks, broths, soups, steamed fish, cooked fruit...  You could also try over-the-counter antacids as a safety-net.  Obviously, if you can find time to relax and get more sleep, that's going to help too.

Thank you all for your messages. So clear liquids and fruits and veggies seem to be the answer.

gi-jane - it's not so much a time issue (it is to some extent) as it is the stress level. My gramps has been hospitalized for a week, so apart from the mere tension of that, it requires time to tend to him and visit him. Sometimes, my brain just refuses to turn off and let me go to sleep, and that's what's been happening since Sunday night. I would lay in bed and toss and turn, feel my muscles tighten and be unable to fall asleep. My stomach also gets queasy when I'm tensed, and yesterday at work, it was rumbling horribly!

ok for starters let me sympathise; hospitals are very stressful place.  Ive heard that mango lassi can calm a quesy stomach but that could be a tail to add $4 on to your curry bill (it has worked for me and alos my sister though).

As for sleeping try to make it really dark in your room, take deep breaths and do streaches before you climb into bed.  Once you get into bed tighten and relax your mucles, starting at your toes.   Tighen and realx wile breathing out...immagine all the stress going away, out the window into the floor or what have you. 

If you are into herbal remdies try melitonin which can help you fall asleep. Or a OTC sleeping pill ( i am partial to ADVIL's simply sleep wich has no pain medications in it.

And of course water is great... think of it as a way to "dilute" any toxins that are in there. 

Hope you feel better!


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