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How to fix blood sugar problems

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I have been feeling really strange lately. I feel tired ALL THE TIME. Plus, I have started feeling like I am about to pass out during dance practice, or any other activity. I can't do much of anything without feeling exhausted. So, I started checking my blood sugar. My readings ranged from 40 to 290.  And when it was high, i had not eaten anything in about 5 hours. can I fix that? Could I be eating something wrong?

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have you asked a doctor to be tested for diabetes or some other blood sugar dysfunction?  you can try eating like a diabetic (look up sites that go over the Glycemic Index and how to have a diabetic diet) and see if that helps.  I would still bring it up with a physician so you can accuretly take care of the problem.

Hope all ends well for you

diabetes? Really? Are diabetic blood sugar levels like that? I didn't know mine were that messed up? Anybody know what a diabetics blood sugar range looks like?

There's a lot more to the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes than just highs and lows in blood-sugars.  How come you're 'checking your blood sugar' in the first place?  Most people don't have testing kits. Going 5 hours without food when you're doing energetic dance practice all day is going to make you feel dizzy.  Plan your day better so that you're getting enough energy... in your case that's going to be well over 2000 calories... and so that you're having a small meal or healthy snack every couple of hours.  The low GI way of eating.... reducing refined sugars and eating more fibrous foods... could also help you.

But do see your doctor rather than self-diagnosing or making yourself worried.  That's what they're there for.

Okay, whether its Hyperglysemia (Diabeties) or Hypoglysemia (low blood sugar)  You need to see a doctor.   This is the problem.  You said you hadn't eaten anything but what did  you drink? 

 Im one of those lucky people who got to grow up with grandparents and one parent with Diabeties and another parent with hypoglysemia. The worst thing you can do on either end is not eat for 5 hours.  In some people, like my mother, artificial sweetners still trigger the swings if she doesn't have real food to go with it.  She can have splenda but no sweet and low or nutrasweet.

Your best bet however, if you don't want to go through the whole, "drink the thick nasty orange drink and sit here an hour test",  would be to cut out all sugar and sugar substitutes.  Begin eating a low processed carb, low fat, no sugar, high protein diet.  Chicken, fish, beans, lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Give that diet a chance for a few days and see if it straightens out.  

But, just so you know, once it starts pushing that 300 mark your succeptable to hallucinations and death.   I wouldn't wait on the doctors appointment.  You really don't want to risk the consiquences of waiting.   If its Diabeties, and you wait to long, you could end up losing all feeling in your fingers and toes along with having to have part of your foot removed.  On the fingers and toes that don't have to be removed, you can develop a yellow thickening of the nails.  Your artieries are more likely to thicken up and eventually, you will find yourself, suffering from a heart disease that is interlinked with your diabeties so that when you have an episode, the doctor will look at whoever is with you and tell you, if its your heart, giving you insulian will effectively kill you, but if its your insulian giving you the shot will make you all better.  They won't be able to tell which to do without just doing it.

So if thats the future you want to face.  Then go ahead keep self testing and going like you are until you pass out or start halusinating in such a way the rush you to the hospital.  

 Am I trying to scare you?  You better believe it.   I watched to many people in my life cut their lives extreamly short, because they were in denial and didn't want to go to the doctor over their blood sugar issues.   In the last 3 years two men under the age of 65 in my family has died of heart problems complicated by Diabietes.  I got my wake up call.  I just hope something I said here can give you yours.


Edit: Check out these websites for more information on normal Gluclose levels od-Glucose-Levels?&id=575288 ml

My dad is a nurse, and when I told him my symptoms, he gave me a blood sugar monitor and told me to just  "keep an eye on it", whatever that is supposed to mean. That is how I ended up with a blood sugar monitor. The problem is, I am not totally sure what my readings mean.

and for the questions from Lady Kelien...I don't drink anything except for diet soda and water, so there is not a chance that I had drank a sugary drink that would have boosted my blood sugar.


oh, and Type Two Diabetes? What does that mean? Does that mean there is a type one?

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diet sodas contain strong artificial sweeteners and thats not good for your body. your dad's probably telling you to keep an eye on it because like ladykelien said, once you break the 300 barrier, you are putting yourself into a danger zone.  both of my aunts are type I diabetic which means their bodies produces little to no insulin to break down blood sugar.  type II, the body can produce no insulin, or your body cells start to ignore the insulin (because they've been overloaded for too long). i wouldnt keep testing your sugar and wondering about it.  i would see a doctor and get some questions answered

Your bloodsugar levels should NOT be going up and down like that, so something must be affecting them... go and see a doctor and have some proper tests done because something in your body is not working right. It's as simple as that, and the sooner you get checked out properly, the sooner you'll be able to get a handle on whatever it is.

Type I Diabetes is usually juvenile which means you have had diabetes since you were a child.  Type II Diabetes is usually adult onset.  I have steroid induced diabetes because I am on steriods for my asthma.  You really should make an appointment with your physician.  You should check your blood sugars an hour before you eat or two hours after you eat.  They should be in the range of 80 - 130.  Anything over 130 is considered high (Hyperglycemic) and anything below 70 is considered low (hypoglycemic).  You probably should watch your sugar intake and stay away from diet sodas because some of the artificial sweetners can increase your blood sugars without you knowing.  You shouldn't be going from extremes such as 40 - 290.  Those are some extreme blood sugars.  With an active lifestyle you should be eating about every three hours as well. 

You really need to see a Dr. those are abnormal blood sugars you may be able to get it under control with diet and not need any medication. Thats what i did when i found out i was a diabetic. 290 is very high for a blood sugar. And your Dr. can also give you a lot of printed information on diabetes. Please take care of this diabetes is nothing to mess with take it from one who knows.

Good luck at the Dr.s and let us know how you make out

I just found an article about normal glucose levels.     Yes - 290 sounds really high - mine is 145 (which my doctor is concerned about).

Oops - I see this was posted a while ago - I hope by now that things are better for you and that your levels have gone down (significantly).


That's a really big fluctuation you have there. i recommend seeing the doctor asap for anyone with that problem.

It's really really bad to have such big fluctuations. And I agree with the ezine article there.

I found another article as well on normal blood sugar levels which talk about how to maintain it. Hope it helps.

Hi,  i also found out that the new diabetes levels were lowered. ?-Why-You-Must-Know-the-New-Normal-Blood-Suga r-Levels&id=3610925
normal blood sugar levels were lowered due to the fact that many people thought they were safe but in fact were not. Borderline diabetes is now at a level of 126, many feel this is still to high. My best friend is a diabetic, take care Aana

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