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How many grams of fiber should u eat a day? im having a hard time finding low cal foods with a lot of fiber- (all those fiber granola bars have a lot of calories) just wondering what foods have a lot of fiber in them because i honeslty dont think im getting enough.


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I've heard the daily recommendation is 6 grams.

25g is the usual benchmark.   If you get 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables and 3 portions a day of wholegrain foods (high-fibre cereals, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, wholemeal bread etc.) then you should be close enough.  Vegetables especially fit the bill of 'low cal foods with a lot of fibre'... eat them in abundance and you can't go wrong.

I have 1/3 cup of All Bran Buds every day usually with my breakfast, but you can add them to different foods throughout the day if needed.

They contain half your daily recommended requirement.  I even send it with my husbands' lunch each day to add to his yogurt and pudding cup as he suffers from constipation problems.


Whenever you increase fibre in your diet you must also increase or maintain the minimum water requirements for you . The best way to determine how much water you should be drinking daily, divide your current weight by 2 and thats how many ounces per day you need for minimum body functions.

eg.  150 lbs./2=75lbs.=75 ozs. of water minimum daily.

If you exercise a lot you need more or for hotter climates.


fiber one is half a cup of cereal, only 60 cals and it has like 14 grams of fiber. and 25 grams of fiber a day is the recomended minimum amount of fiber you should have.

25-30 grams... and a lot of people even have more than that. Fiber One cereal is a good source of fiber... so is Kashi. Whole-grain bread products have a lot more fiber than white but not any extra calories. Fruit and vegetables are a great low-calorie source of fiber too. I get a lot of my fiber from Fiber One though. I have 1/4 cup mixed with my regular breakfast cereal (fiber one and cheerios is yummy), and 1/4 cup turned into trail mix with chocolate chips, or else mixed into yoghurt...

hmm that's funny..

most high fibre foods are VERY low in calories...high fibre cereals, fruit, vegetables, sproated grain breads/tortillas...etc. and insoluble fibre is not digested by the body and just passes through so some of those fibre calories don't even get accounted for!! (soluble fibre is different though)

the fibre sources you're looking at are basically man made "foods" with added fats and sugars aka BAD, if you stick to natural whole foods like whole grains and veg/fruits, you're fibre intake will be doubled and your body will thank you for not feeding it poor excuses for food

have a half cup of All Bran or Fibre one in the morning (12-14g fibre per serving)

snack on fruit (berries are very high fibre and low sugar/low GI) apples are good too (2-8g fibre depending on fruit)

make wraps with sproated grain tortillas (about 5-7g fibre)

eat lots of vegetables (low cal, high fibre)

avoid potatoes, white bread, white rice, added sugars

add protein with your fibre-full foods to keep you really satisfied and help regulate blood sugars... ex: egg whites mixed in oatmeal, chicken with stir fried/steamed vegetables, fruit with SF/FF yogurt, fibre cereal with low sugar soymilk


The RDA for women is a minimum of 25g a day and for men is a minimum of 30g a day. Some people's bodies can tolerate more than this, but exceeding about 70 to 80g is dangerous. Furthermore, you need to make sure you're getting enough soluble and insoluble fibre - Insoluble (the fibre that forms bulk and regulates acidity and PH in the gut) and soluble (the fibre that helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol).

Insoluble fibre examples:
 -- Whole-wheat pastas, breads, etc
 -- Quinoa
 -- Brown rice
 -- Bran products
 -- Fruit and vegetable skins, such as potato skins, tomato skins, plum/prune skins, apple skins, pear skins
 -- Nuts and seeds, particularly flax, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts

Soluble fibre examples:
 -- Oats
 -- Rye
 -- Barley
 -- Potatoes of all varieties
 -- Psyillium husks
 -- Legumes and pulses, especially lentils, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), kidney beans, pinto beans and soybeans

And pretty much all fruits and vegetables. Particularly raspberries, plums, bananas, sweetcorn, prunes, apples, pears, blackberries, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, asparagus, artichokes and dried fruit. Never introduce lots more fibre without drinking enough water to compensate. There is a more detailed list of fibre sources here for future reference.

Lots of good advice so far. I'd like to add that one of the foods with a lot of fiber is beans. Yes, I know. However, if you eat them on a regular basis your body actually adjusts. Also, don't eat too many at once. One half cup of beans or lentils added to salads really boosts your fiber intake. Get enough water too.  A lot of fiber without moisture is a problem. Since I'm eating mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes I often total up to 45 grams of fiber per day. Twenty-five should be a minimum.

Add black or red beans to your salad, or chicken chili etc...add some walnuts (a small handful - yes caloric but excellent for you and high in fiber!)  i use a program called weight by date that tracks your recipies and figures the nutrition....helps with the fiber part a lot,.

Quotes from dupe thread:

Original Post by augette:

I believe the recommended amount is 25 - 30 grams a day.  Some good sources include whole grain breads (look for ones with at least 2-3g per slice),  beans (most are around 5-10g per 1/2 cup), Whole grain cereals (Fiber One has 14g per 1/2 c for 60 calories), most veggies have at least 2-3g per cup.

Hope this helps.

Original Post by x17star17x:

I found you a list!

The fiber found in "high fiber cereal bars" aren't the kind of fiber you want to be stuffing your body with. I've found they actually block me up.

Check out MayoClinic's list of High Fiber Foods

As a women you should be eating 30-38 grams a day. Don't stress about it tho. And I also don't suggest boosting your fiber all at once if you're eating under that. Gradually take the climb, or you're likely to get constipated - or everything will start flowing a bit too much. (Just coming from personal experience)...

Original Post by angel_26:

I find it really easy to get a lot of fiber... I eat a LOT of broccoli, all-bran extra fiber (50 cals and about 12g fiber per 1/2 cup), beans, brown rice, wholegrain bread, etc. Pears are a pretty decent source, gnu bars (130 cals and 12g fiber). If you like baking, you can make some healthy muffins with pureed pumpkin, crushed all-bran, dried apricots, etc.

Original Post by mars_0112:

I actually have trouble with cutting DOWN my fiber intake. It mostly comes from fruit, veggies, Kashi hot cereal (7g, 150 cals), WASA crackers (3g, 60 cals), bread products (5-8g), and soy products (1-5g). I can't even eat that Fiber One cereal, though the flavors look really good, because I'm afraid to upset my stomach and digestion system.

Original Post by cruzgirl:

This is what I have been taking "Fiber Choice". I'm not the best at eating fiber. I'm also watching my carbs. The best part they taste like a strawberry milkshake. Sugar Free Strawberry chewable tablets. You will feel fuller longer and also curb your craving.. FiberChoice® Weight Management.


Foot in mouth

Original Post by susiecue:

Fruit and vegetables!

Veggies are high fibre, low cal and nutrient packed.  Fruit is also high fibre, relatively low cal (though not as low cal as veggies) and nutrient packed.

Original Post by skookum:

I'm usually over 40g fiber a day, unintentionally,  but not unhappily. I love raw fruits and vegetables and the whole grain pastas, cereals, and breads that I eat are usually packed with fiber.

When increasing your fiber, make sure to stay hydrated. Helps the digestive process. Hot water with ginger is a good hydrating alternative for digestion.

Original Post by lynnhaslost:

I eat around 25 grams of fiber per-day. It's hard finding those foods that are loaded in fiber, and I go for a 2 cups of Yoplait Fiber One. It has 5 grams of fiber, and it's very good.

When you eat or taken in a lot of fiber. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Fiber needs lost of water for the body to absorb it.

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