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I know fiber is amazing for the body, but can you eat too much?

I'm sitting right at my 1200 calories for today and thats with my snack later, but I have racked up 50 grams of fiber! I am trying to drink as much liquid to keep everything *ahem* moving in the right direction, but I just don't want too much fiber to have the opposite effect of what I am trying to accomplish. So really, can ya have too much?

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I haven't experienced any negative side effects, I usually eat eatleast 40g a day but sometimes I top 50g a day. I don't think there are any harmful effects of eating too much fiber.

I also eat between 40 and 50 grams of fiber a day without issues of constipation or diarrhea.  Unfortunately for my spouse there might be occasional gas, but that's the effects of a healthy diet.  Embarassed  Today, I'm still 300 calories short and already at 55 grams.

So to answer your question, I don't know if you can eat too much fiber, but I'm sure each person is a little different.  Just keep an I on "issues" and go with what feels right for you.

To much fiber can block the absorption of vitamins, but 50g really isn't that much.  You might experience some negative side affects (bloating, gas) if this is a drastic increase from what you normally have. 

I usually eat around 30, so it's a fairly big increase I suppose
Original Post by aerowynamore:

I usually eat around 30, so it's a fairly big increase I suppose

Just make sure you drink lots of water tonight to help things on their way out.

Out of curisoity, what did you eat to get to 1200 with 50g of fiber? 
Original Post by techraven:

Out of curisoity, what did you eat to get to 1200 with 50g of fiber? 


Usually, I have toast, go lean crunch cereal with milk and a banana for breakfast, then bean soup with tofu and a slim fast for lunch and that puts me at 37 grams of fiber before dinner or snacking.

There's alot of low-cal high fiber foods.

I regularly get 40-50g a day - but of course my calorie goal is higher than yours.

Too much fiber can result in gas and constipation - make sure you drink plenty of water if you're getting that much fiber, and be aware that you may be gassy.  Also be aware that fiber speeds your digestion, so you may absorb fewer nutrients from the food you're eating, so DEFINITELY be sure to get plenty of vitamins and minerals.  Calcium absorption in particular can be decreased by a high-fiber diet.

As a general rule, however, fiber is good and 50g is probably not too many.  Just watch your calcium.

50g isn't too much, I ate that much the day before yesterday with 1500 calories (though I probably ate 2000+ cals yesterday). If it's a lot of soluble fiber you may end up with gas but otherwise just drink your water and you will be fine. If you feel badly just make sure not to eat as much next time.

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