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(Females only please): Skipping my period on purpose this month...

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Hey girls.. I guess I'll start with a little background information!

To start off, I am allergic to tampons.. 3 different brands tested-- allergic to all 3.. Something about the cotton or something? Whatever, doesn't bother me! Haha..

I am going on vacation next Friday with my fiance (I am taking him to our family condo in Florida for his birthday), and I want to be able to swim and enjoy the pool and everything in my suit with out having to worry about my period!

Bathing suits and pads = not very compatible!

I am on Yaz birth control.. and I know several people that have skipped their period intentionally before just by starting a new pack of pills on the day they were supposed to start the "fake"/sugar pills.


Anyone tried this before? Let me know! I appreciate any feed back!

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Yes, I've done it before, and I've been told by multiple doctors that it's fine to do. I would warn you that you'll probably have at least some spotting.

And, allergic to tampons? That sucks!

Thank you for your response.. Yeah, I figured I would have atleast a little something (if it works at all), but it's at least worth a shot to me!

Yes, I actually did it for a year and a half with the patch. It was fine for me and I enjoyed not having my period.  Now I don't take birth control so I have my period -all normal. No weird side effects or anything. Period came back right away.

My doctor also told me I can do it with the NuvaRing as well.

Original Post by scjf:

Thank you for your response.. Yeah, I figured I would have atleast a little something (if it works at all), but it's at least worth a shot to me!

By the way, it will work because your body can't build up the endometrial tissue while you are taking the pill. The hormones trick your body into thinking its pregnant and therefore won't build up the layer of blood needed to get pregnant.

I am really hoping! I just heard that sometimes it doesn't work the first time because your body is used to the pill.


appreciate it all of you!

I use Yaz and I have done the same thing, although I usually have some spotting if I skip the sugar pills. Just be prepared for that. Have a great mini-vacation! 

I've also done it and it works fine .... another alternative though would be a different kind of feminine hygiene product - have you looked into the Diva Cup or Instead?   

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I've tried it before and it didn't work too well for me..wan't as bad but still had a lot of spotting. 

Yes it will work!  I've done it before, in fact my doctor gave me regular pills (not yaz, btu a generic) and said I could take them 3 months in a row, basically just skipping the sugar pills, so that I onyl got my period 4 tiems a year.

She did say to PLEASE let your self off the pills for at least that one week every three months.  I guess people get tempted to just never have a period!

You'll be fine, as for spotting I think that varies because it didn't happen to me.

Have fun :)

i have done this for the past five years at least!  i usually take the sugar pills once every three to four months depending on how i feel as i usually begin bloating, etc.  i have never had any problems except minor spotting the first month or two of skipping the sugar pills.  also, my doctor prescribes me my pill packs stating that i do not take the sugar pills so that my insurance will cover my pills each month.

best of luck...i HATE having a period and love this method!!!  have fun in florida!

i've done it and it works well if you're on a single dose BC. If you're on the cyclic one, (etc. ortho tricyclen) that's usually when I experienced some spotting.

You could try natural cotton tampons, which haven't been treated with chemicals, Instead cups, or re-usable menstrual cups like the Divacup.


But if you want to skip your period, you can skip the placebo pills provided that your birth control is monophasic (I looked it up and Yaz in fact is, skipping your period with a triphasic pill like Ortho-tri-cylcin in harder).  I do it all the time, although it's recommended to allow yourself one period every three months to decrease instances of spotting. You are protected as long as you have 21 active pills, and in this case you will have more than that. The placebo pills are just there so you keep on schedule. The active pills basically put your ovaries to "sleep", halting egg from being dropped into your uterus for possible fertilization. The placebo pills allow the ovaries to "wake up", but not long enough to release an egg to be fertilized, but just long enough for the uterine lining to shed. As the other member said, you can experience some spotting as women usually do the first time stacking their pills (this is what it's referred to). I've had spotting but not when just skipping it once or even the first time, but when doing so two or three times in a row. This also means that the uterine lining will be thicker, thus you will shed more lining (bleed more) the next time you allow yourself a period. If you do this just once, it most likely won't be enough to notice though. If you need any clarification or have any more questions, just ask!

Have fun! Cool

Oooooooh thanks for asking!  I never even thought of this but I am going to Hawaii in about a week and was going to get it the day I got there (I'm on Yaz too).  And I usually get it for at least 5 days, and I'm only going to be there for 6!  Thanks again!

Trust me, it works. I'm doing it right now! I had one or two instances of spotting when I used the restroom, but otherwise I'm fine :D

Hawaii! Jealous :(

I have skipped my period when my boyfriend was in town. Just start the new pack of birth control without taking this pack's white pills (or whatever color they are- I'm on Yasmin and they are white). I would not do it 2 times in a row, though.

I'm on yaz as well and have been told by doctors it's perfectly safe to skip a period every now and then, but they recommend having at least 4 a year.  Being allergic to tampons is horrible, I also don't use them, but for different reasons.  I've found that using the Instead softcups works really well.  Not only that, but they last much longer. 

Yep, I just did this myself about two weeks ago to skip my period while on a cruise in the Caribbean with my boyfriend. It worked great! I still had some minor cramps, but no spotting. Have fun on your trip!

is it really healthy to skip periods?  that seems so weird to me, but im on the other end of the spectrum:  pcos.  i take medicine to make sure that i do get my period.

Original Post by jessicasbc:

is it really healthy to skip periods?  that seems so weird to me, but im on the other end of the spectrum:  pcos.  i take medicine to make sure that i do get my period.

The "period" from birth control pills isn't an actual period, but just withdrawal bleeding. Also, depending on the severity of PCOS, sometimes it's best not to have a period at all, and everything else is controlled by medication.

One last questions... So I used to start my pill packs on Sunday, but since I am skipping my sugar pills this month, I will just begin my pill packs on Wednesday from now on since the sugar pills start today?

It won't change the effectiveness of the pill, correct?


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