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Has anyone else experienced - bloating, water retention, headache, constipation, weight gain when they are ovulating. 

I am 44 and have always been able to tell when I am ovulating.  But until I recently started monitoring my weight I gain 2-3 pounds mid cycle.

Its very frustrating.  Has anyone else experience. 

I am keeping my calories at the same and watching everything I eat.


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I used to experience the same thing for the past few years.  When I was losing weight and tracking my weight everyday, the weight loss cycle was:

Day 1 thru ovulation - loose weight.  Ovulate - stop loosing or gain (this would last for about 3 days).  After ovulation thru  Day 21/22 - loose weight.  Then came the PMS and gain up to 5 lbs. 

I am also 44 and had that problem for about 5 years.  I recently had a partial hysterectomy (not for the above problem) and am just getting back to counting calories so I'm not sure how the cycle will be now.  I will still ovulate so I do expcect some PMS symptoms. 

Just keep counting knowing that you should expect some weight gain during ovulation.  Or maybe just don't weigh yourself at that time.  Good luck.


This is very normal. I bloat, constipate and gain some weight when my period is about to come.

CoolThanks very much I appreciate it and will keep it up.

Yup, perfectly normal, in my experience! Dx The weight gain is temporary, usually, as it's caused by water retention and the constipation.

yep.. i gain and feel bloated when i ovulate, but lose and feel light during my actual period. weirddddd -_-


Yes me too!  I always know when I ovulate too, because its painful, and I too bloat at this time and gain a few pounds.  But, I also get bloated when I get my period too so its very very frustrating. 

Yes, the body is preparing to support a needs the extra water. I think our bodies are super cool. I just wish when we were finished procreating, that we could switch some aspects off.

i usually have a headache and bloating during my period in which i gain up to 5pds

weight fluctuation, headaches, bloating, water retention, disrupted movements...

yeah, that sounds about right. i'd guess that 99% of women go through this every month LOL

but if it's causing a lot of discomfort, go to a doctor and get some tests done.. i had gotten pretty bad a couple of months ago, and had to get an ultrasound to check for ovarian cancer...(just to be safe. i was fine though) ... but on top of all of that, my periods are irregular, so i never even know when i ovulate or am going to have aunt flow visiting....

also at the age of 40+, you could be coming up to (early) menopause... so going to the doctor to find out about that would be a good idea too...

it's not too fun being a woman.

This has always been the exact case for me.  Often I'll have a big drop in weight after those three days pass and I urinate a larger volume as my body lets go of the water weight.  Same for the day after my last menses day.

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