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feeling really tired lately...

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so, i've been feeling more tired than normal lately and I can think of a few reasons why, but i'm not sure which is more plausible. 

i had been exercising the same (running, track workouts, abs, minor weight lifting), but by the end of the weak, i wasn't as energetic as usual. i also have shin splints, so this week, i biked a few times instead of running, which i find harder. it could be the biking that's making me feel more tired than normal. 

i'm sleeping and eating about the same amount as well, although i've been busier and probably more stressed than usual. 

finally, i'm starting my period naturally again, the first time in a long time. my mom always told me that you're more tired when it's that time of month. could this be it?

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well saying your tired is a really broad symptom. Have you been eating enough to make up for your excercise?? I wouldn't say sleeping is the problem, maybe your diet. Your right it could be the excercise, either your doing too much for yourself and/or not eating back what you burn. Stress will trigger the tiredness too all i can sya there is you need to relax.

I can't see how a period makes you tired but if your mum said it maybe it does run in your family, i have mine now and i feel fine though.

Make sure your getting your energy from nutrient dense food, especially if your running or biking, and not from junk or processed stuff so much, that may help.

If it persists and it's really getting in the way suggest to your mum that you might need to speak with your doctor.

How much sleep are you getting? I can "get by" on 5 hours of sleep for a few weeks and be okay (well... for the most part). But after 5 weeks or so, I crash.... all at once.

Point is, are you really getting enough sleep? Even if it's something you think you're used to, it may not be enough? 

Also, make sure your not anemic. Starting your period for the first time in a while could cause anemia, and fatigue is certainly a big sign of it. 

There are lots of causes of fatigue.   See what's happening with the following..... and if none of them apply and you're fatigued on a chronic basis then see your doctor for a physical check.

  • Lack of energy... too few calories.  You may simply need more food than you have been getting.  If you feel tired, try increasing the amount you eat with extra snacks.
  • Low blood-sugars.... connected to amount of food.  Going too long between meals and snacks, choosing too many sugary/starchy foods, not eating enough in total
  • Low iron stores.... menstruation/bleeding uses up iron.  Make sure you're getting plenty of iron-rich foods e.g. red meat, whole eggs, dark green vegetables.... washed down with plenty of vitamin C-rich foods... citrus, kiwifruit... so that your body can absorb the iron.
  • Lack of good quality sleep.... check where you sleep is suitably dark, quiet and relaxing and that you sleep for long enough.   Avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm.  Mildly disturbed sleep can leave you fatigued
  • Too much exercise.... limit yourself to exercising every other day rather than what sounds like most days of the week.
  • Too much stress.... make time to relax.  Also, tackle problems directly rather than worrying.

Since there are many other causes of fatigue, as I say, if it carries on then you should talk to your doctor.

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