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Feeling like throwing up but not?

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I dont know what to name it but last night, well this morning I woke up at about 2am-ish, with a very very strong feeling like I was going to throw up so I walked to the toilet (next to my bedroom) and sat on the floor in front of the loo and nothing but the feeling. 

But it felt like it was in my throat so I sort of tensed and untensed my throat muscles to urge it up (I cant stick my fingers down my throat, never could never would)

But nothing. So I sat for another 5 minutes but then went back to bed feeling ****.

This has happened to me a few times, but I’ve been at Marshall’s house. Is it something I should see someone about? Idk it just seems weird coz I felt fine in the morning.

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That is kind of weird. Maybe it's something you ate? Maybe it's from a medication you're taking? Maybe it's just the beginning of a flu or something? Did you take anything for it?

If I feel like I'm going to be sick, I open the toilet and kind of hover over it. Even though it's clean, it grosses me out so it helps move things along.

If it were me, I would just monitor it, maybe write it down in your daily planner. If you still can't figure out what's causing it on your own, go see your dr.

I'm not on any medication. The only medication I am on is my birth control (which is an injection every 3 months) 

I haven't eaten anything weird either. Or taken anything which is why I'm so confused.

I'll take note of it all though. Thanks.

Could the injection be making you nauseous?  That is often a side effect of birth control.  How long ago was your last injection?  Have you ever noticed this before, after one of your injections?

hmmm have you talked to your Doc?? It could be the BC messing with your hormones. I know before I get AF I get nasuated a couple of days before here and there. Do you get AF on this BC? If not maybe you need to stop that one for awhile and try something else. Is it possible that the BC did not work and you are pregnant? I know not something you might think of but I have friend who has 2 kiddos both concieved while on the depo shot ( she is in that 1% talk about about being completley shocked). If it keeps ip I would talk to your doc .

Was your heart beating really fast?  Were there any other symptoms other than feeling like you were going to vomit?  Have you had a lot of stress in your life lately?

The reason I ask is that I have had a few panic attacks and they feel exactly as you described.  I talked to my doctor and she said that they were related to stress.  As I have exercised more regularly and taken off some weight they have dissipated.  I would be safe and talk to your doctor about it.

Well I'm taking a pregnancy test today. As for other symptoms I've had nothing. And my shot was on the 13th of December

EDIT: I took  a pregnancy test and I'm negative as I thought. Just did it as a precautionary.

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