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I feel sick to my stomach

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I'm going through a tough time and am feeling really low and literally sick to my stomach and nauseous almost constantly.

It's really difficult to eat.  I know I need to but the thought of anything makes my stomach turn and I'll get through like 2 bites and then I feel like I'm going to vomit.

I know I need to eat but it feels like I'm tring to eat while I have the's just not happening.  Whenever I have a moment where I'm feeling a little better, I eat some food, but it's not happening very often.

I will try forcing myself to eat, I just hope I don't throw up.  I know once my heart stops aching i'll be back to my happy healthy self.

Does anyone have experience with trying to eat when you are depressed?  What foods go down easiest?

Thanks, sorry to be a downer

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Just wanted to add - I am not looking to lose any weight right now

something warm, and simple.

For me it would be elbow macaronis with butter.  They always make me feel better.  In fact, I needed them for dinner last night.

Or a gooey grilled cheese.

i suffer with anxiety (increased by my fear of flying and my first flight next week) so I understand how you feel about not being hungry.

i would eat things like soups or a protein shake.

Eat whatever you consider to be a comfort food. For some people that's macaroni and cheese, cereal, or maybe a soup. You could drink a Slim Fast - it has some nutritional value and calories so if you're unable to eat at all, at least slim fast will keep you going for a while. Since you're not trying to lose weight, quit thinking about calories for a while, and eat what you really want to.

I have this problem too. I suffer from panic disorder, and there are days where I seriously have to put all my energy into not getting ill when eating. I usually take a saltine or two and nibble until my stomach is happy enough to have real foods.

When I was a teenager, I experienced something very similar during a period of intense depression. I had not only nausea, but also sometimes debilitating stomach pain and frequent constipation. Ew, I know, but maybe you are having similar symptoms.

You should talk to your doctor. I went to see mine several times, and it was concluded that my problems were stemming from anxiety. I was given a medication (I can't remember what it was called now), but I didn't like its side effects and didn't take it for very long.

In combination with gaining some distance on the source of my depression, I started feeling better when my boyfriend and I began making fruit and yogurt smoothies and vegetable juices. I had a really hard time stomaching solid food, but the fresh juices and smoothies went down a lot more easily. If you want to supplement your diet, which I assume is low in calories right now, you might try to avoid fruits and vegetables that are very acidic (tomatoes, citrus) or high in sodium (like celery). They seemed to upset my stomach. Cigarettes (I used to smoke), coffee (which is very acidic) and alcohol did, too.

I'm not suggesting that you go on a juice fast; if you are having difficulty eating, though, delicious, light, nutrient-rich liquid foods can help keep your body going. In my case, pulling through my depression over a few months, my physical symptoms cleared up and completely went away.

Tough times are tough times, and you can't always change the situation around you (though sometimes you can change it, or remove yourself from it), but I think there's a close link between physical and mental well-being... even if you feel down, taking good care of yourself will most likely help you feel better.

I've been experiencing something similar.  I suffer from anorexia, depression, anxiety all that fun stuff.  I think what you can tolerate really varies from person to person.  Here's a list of the foods I find sit well in my stomach:

  • protein shakes (protein powder, water, frozen fruit, ice cubes)
  • yogurt
  • cottage cheese (sometimes, for added flavor/nutrition, I'll blend 1/2 c cottage cheese with a sliced up banana and a few frozen strawberries)
  • fruit
  • apple with peanut butter
  • oatmeal
  • yogurt with uncooked oatmeal stirred in
  • eggs
  • soup
  • applesauce

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