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How much can fecal matter weigh?

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I weigh myself every moring, after I've taken a pee.

Lately though I've been having a fairly regular BM just after I've gotten to work...

How many pounds could that throw off my weight do you think?

How heavy can your fecal matter be?

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Ewwww! Haha, no, its pretty true. Weigh yourself after your business. Depending on what you ate the day before, it could be a pound or two. Only if you're a guy though. Everyone knows girls don't doodie or fart. ;)
"The average weight of stools of 115 individuals is 123.6 Gm., with a standard deviation of 40.2 and a standard error of 3.74"

so 0.27 pounds. if you even notice 0.27 pounds you need a hobby. badly. or a pet. or a life!

i have heard 2-4 pounds which is unreal. it depends how long between ingestion and expulsion it takes and that average is 20-100 hours. so ya. it also depends how much and what you eat.

i notice a difference on the scale when i make water, not stool, but that's me.

Ok so a friend of mine weighed himself before and after a bathroom break - 2lbs lighter after. A really weird one though: I was watching one of those odd reality shows where a farmer (or something) became a model in 2 weeks. They made him get a colonic and he was SIX POUNDS lighter after getting his colon cleansed. Surprised
Yeah I have heard about colonics. This is why fiber is important so stuff doesn't, uh, stay up there so much! Everyon's body will vary. I know too much prtein and not enough fiber can keep people blocked up.

Six pounds is pretty gross though...
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haha spookychick!

You appeal to the stats student inside of me.
I've been waiting for someone to post about this sort of thing.  My mom and I had some good past times of her calling me from work while she was on the shitter.  She works in a doctor's office with some very nice, very accurate digital scales and only once did she lose a pound from pooping.  Granted it was after she ate Red Robbin's and it went straight through her, and took out everything that she had stored as well.
Haha that's funny.  We all wonder about this stuff :).
i have a lot of fiber in my diet so i basically poop once a day at the exact same hour unless i eat something that reallly doesn't agree with me.  it makes no difference before and after.

water/pee/eating, however, can effect my weight by as much as a pound or two.

I gotta admit, I don't have the weight answer. But if you're concerned about this kind of additional weight, you may consider several options: colonic (which I wouldn't personally want to do), colon cleansing (products available through a vitamin or organic grocer), or a detox product (also through the organic grocer).

Personally, I've tried both of the last two options. The results I came away with were this:

• Colon cleanse products - 1)  only succeeded in giving me diarrhea, which is the result wanted, then backing off of the dose until 2 - 3 BMs are achieved per day. All I could think of was, this can't be healthy, it's like taking a high does of laxitives!   2) Colonblow - this actually is a one time product that you take, and there are several methods provided, but it is a high fiber cleansing that I found to be VERY successful without all of the "mess" of the first option. It's safe enough to use monthly. You can find out more, and see some graphic pics of the results, on their website. Not to mention that the price is reasonable.

• Detox product - is a type of "juice" cocktail that you drink to do a general body detox. It is quite successful in getting all of the bad stuff out of your system so you may start with a clean slate. The results are complete within 1-2 days and you'll definitely be able to tell when all of the toxins are out because you'll feel much better. This is the mildest of the options I mentioned above.

I'm by no means an expert, and do not propose to offer definitive medical advise, but these results are what I personally experienced with all of these products. Hope the information helps you in some way.

One time I went to the washroom after being constipated for a few days and i immediately lost almost 2 lbs!!! hehehehe.

Poop is no laughing matter! *tries to hold a straight face* 

Colon Blow..LOL
A VEEERRRYYYY close friend and I decided to lock ourselves up in my house for 3 days and do colonics together 2ce a day for those 3 days. We had read that it makes you feel a lot better and we really wanted to get all the nasty build up out of us. We actually made our own colonics kits out of a bucket and some rubber hose and they actually worked perfectly. It was EXTREMELY uncomfortable the first couple of times but after the first day we got used to it. Once right when you wake up and once before bed. We also did a water only fast during these 3 days. So you can only imagine, 2 pms-ing starving girls locked up in a house together for 3 days with tubes up our butts. We were so snappy and our boyfriends stayed FAAARRRR away. We were completely miserable, but the results? FANTASTIC! at the end of the 3 days we had each lost abot 8 lbs of shit from our colon and after the first few bites of food the next day we were happy as clams. Afterwords we both felt so much healthier and lighter and just...clean! I highly reccommend trying this, and having a VERY close friend to do it with you makes it a lot easier. You can't do much while you're doing this though, no working out, no going to work, in fact just standing up takes a lot of effort, so do it when you have no other obligations. 

I think it's really worth a try.
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to have a healthy colon, ideally you poop shortly after each meal.  three meals, three poops a day.  increase fiber and you will be pooping more but progressively loosing weight, some of the weight will be from your colon, but you will also notice all over your body.  taking a fiber supplement before meals fills your stomach, makes you eat less food and poop more. 
my grandmas friend was getting his yearly colon exam and there is this medicine you have to take the night before that basically flushes everything out of your system. well his wife "accidentally" doubled teh dosage and he dropped 12 pounds. this stuff hits you hard and fast. my grandma said its like having the worst stomach ache times about 10. poor guy.
wjbuzz69 says: "to have a healthy colon, ideally you poop shortly after each meal.  three meals, three poops a day."

It takes 7+ hours for each meal to digest so  it isn't necessary to go after each meal ... In general, one to three times a day is considered a sign of a healthy colon by all medical standards I am aware of - many people are at once a day, it's totally normal and healthy.
Also, I want to add that regardless of whether I go #2 in the morning or not, I always weigh up to a pound less at 11am than at 8am (that is weighing at both times after urinating and also at 11am I have had coffee and small breakfast). Strange but true.
I'm going to go with approximately half a pound. On off-day mornings (not at work) I weigh myself, then drink a cup of coffee and weigh again - the coffee usually triggers a bowel movement. And my weight is always the same - weight + cup of coffee - bowel movement = original weight.
Ok, I heard that it's NOT necessary to have a bowel movement EVERY day. Three times a week is what I just read somewhere. ??? I guess, like with EVERYTHING, you're going to hear many different opinions.

I also heard the body can hold up to ten pounds of fecal matter. One can only HOPE that's what their problem is. haha

alayney- hey! I'm glad to hear someone say you don't have to do it every day. I usually don't every day. Sometimes, yes, but usually once every two to three days.


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