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Does fat retain more water than muscle?

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Title says most of it.

I use to run all the time, but haven't for about 7 weeks. (Trust me, I miss it, but can't stand treadmills and can't stand on ice...) Since then, I know I've lost alot of muscle. I know that muscle weighs more than fat, but, even though I've lost muscle, I've gained about 3 pounds.

I haven't been eating more than usual. Could it just be water?

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You've not been eating more than normal but if you haven't been running you've not been burning up as much energy as normal and your metabolic rate will be just a little lower....   That's a more likely reason for weight-gain.

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Even if I'm eating for my sedentary life? I'm not eating the same as when I run.

Maybe I'm just grasping at straws...

Oh yes... quite easily.  Running not only burns up energy when you run but it speeds up your metabolism the rest of the time as well.  So you lose in two respects and it's a bigger adjustment than you might appreciate.  But don't panic... 3lbs is very little extra weight.  Unnoticeable.

Gi-Jane has covered your initial topic quite well, but I just wanted to add: if you don't like running in the cold or on a treadmill, why not try a different exercise for the time being? A (heated) swimming pool, a stationary bike, or along those lines? Crosstraining, of sorts?

The answer is no - fat is hydrophbic, muscle is hydrophillic. This means that fat repels water, which would mean it doesn't retain it as well as muscle.

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Alrighty, thanks guys!

That's a proven fact.  I'm proof.  Years ago, when I had originally lost weight, I would have one cheat day, and the next day, no consequences.  Looked fine, felt fine.  Now, over the years, I've lost more fat, and gained a lot more muscle through years of strength training.  Now, I pay a huge price from having a cheat day and especially having drinks.  I'm bloated the next day, and look awful, with a mushy, cellulitey, belly.  Hate it.  I'm glad I put on all the muscle, but I hate the effects of cheat day, due to muscle hanging on to all the water it possibly can.  

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