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My fat literally hurts.

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Somehow I've managed to gain 10 pounds in 2 week even though I wasn't eating too horribley. Now my new gained fat feels really sore and hurts. Seriously, when my fat jiggles it hurts really bad as if I spent 4 hours running or something. If I press on certain areas of fat, it hurts as well. Why does it hurt and how do I fix it?

Thank you so much.

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It's probably mostly water retention.  Excess fluid can cause tenderness.  Watch your salt intake, drink plenty of water, and eat clean.  It'll come off in no time.

that's fluid retention, sweetness.  when i first started "recovery" i had really bad edema that was very painful.  you can hold a lot of water in your body before it even becomes apparent visually. i really wish i'd trusted that back then and not gotten all in a tailspin about the rapid gain.  try elevating your legs and taking baths, try limiting your sodium intake and drink enough water (but not too much).  make sure you are getting enough fats and proteins in addition to carbohydrates, which increase insulin levels and therefore retention of fluid.  

take care <3

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