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Extremely sore throat after a vomiting-from-drinking-too-much incident

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On Friday night I drank wayy too much. 

Well, a combination of the fact that I'm very petite, don't drink very often, and am dieting so hadn't eaten much that day (1200 calories of food), a few drinks REALLY hit me and I got extremely sick and vomited for several hours. I understand what I did wrong in this situation (didn't know my limit, ate too little, etc) and don't plan on doing it again.

However, since the incident (friday night) my throat has had EXTREME pain, kind of like there's a lump or something stuck in it. It hurts when I swallow, eat, drink, whatever. I ate some junk food on saturday and had a few sips of beer at a football game but still kept my intake to 1600 calories. I felt like crap all day. Today I've had 700 calories so far of mild foods. Oatmeal, soup, etc. I've been drinking water and tea but everything hurts. It doesn't feel any better. I took an advil last night but it didn't help so I don't see any point to taking any more.

Any suggestions? I'm pretty sure it's from all the stomach acid but it hurts so bad!

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Well, you've given it enough time and tried enough things, probably a good thing to see a doctor at a clinic today. Could be even be an infection that requires antibiotic treatment -- who knows? Might even be completely unrelated to your vomiting and there's no way to really know until it's looked at.

No matter what, the sooner it is seen and attended to, the sooner you will be able to alleviate the pain. I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable and hope it resolves soon.

It may have something to do with all the stomach acids in your vomit tearing up your esophagus. Sometimes when I threw up a lot after drinking too much (usually vodka) this happened to me. Stay away from anything spicy or very flavorful, like peppers, salty foods, dressing, ketchup, vinegar, etc etc. Try some gatorade, especially to rehydrate.

I did the same a couple of months ago.. and it sucked big time.

Honey, banana and milk smoothie. Worked wonders for me. It will help with the sore throat but stay away from highly acidic foods like citric fruits, tomato, spices etc.. they will aggravate it more.

Also lots of water, could just be dehydration. It was hard for me to even have water the morning after.. everything made me feel sick.

Get better soon.


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