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Extremely Painful Menstrual Cramps

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Help me. Every month for about the first 24 hours straight of my period i have very painful cramps. Seriously, like wanting to die its so painful. Sharp pain and my legs go numb. It sucks because i have to take like 3 tylenol and 2 muscle relaxers or whatever pain killer i can get at the time. I miss work and a whole 2 days of my life because i'm in to much pain or to doped up to leave my bed. I don't know what to do. Its been like this since i was like 14 and seems to be getting worse. What is causing it and how can i make it stop?! Birth control didn't help. I'm thinking it made it worse. Please help me!
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have you tried the shot? I was on the Depo Shot for 5 years but i had to get off of it due to bone density issues. It completely stopped my period if i got my shots on time. One of my friends had a period every 3 months (how the shot lasts) while she was on the shot but i dont know if that was her personal preference or doctor's orders. If nothing else, you could just suffer every 3 months instead of every month. You could also try doing crunches, i do that along with using a heating pad now that i am not on the shot anymore. Also they have that new bc pill coming out this year i think that is supposed to stop your period completely but i dont know much about it. which ever way I would talk to my doctor about it.
my daughter was having the same problem

our doctor gave us this advice and so far it's working

#1 we put her on the pill so that her periods are regular and predictable

#2 the day before the first day of her period, she takes 2 aleve, 1 morning, 1 night.  She continues with the aleve through about midway thru her period

the idea behind it is that the aleve prevents the prostaglandins from being released in the first place, because they are the immediate biochemical cause of cramps

she still has slight cramps, but nothing that interferes with her daily routine

you might want to run this by your doctor to make sure it would work for you

good luck hon!
Since my very first period on my 13 th birthday, I have had Nightmare periods. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 19, and had cauterizing done one cysts and fibroids, and was told I would never carry a baby full term. My cramps were so bad, and such heavy bleeding, that I always missed at least 2 days of school. I ended up having three miscarriages by the time I was 22, and gave up. Then had no period for a year, then ended up with a miraculously healthy 10 lb daughter at 24.I had another laporoscopy done for endometriosis, more cauterizing etc Now the nightmanre has started all over. I have had 3 D & C's, and have an average period of 15-20 days. I was on Depo and it almsot killed me. I was only on it for 8 months, and ended up so anemic, I couldnt get outta bed, and was put in the hospital for an I V of iron. I am waiting for an appointmnet for an ablation, as we speak. My dr. is going t o "burn" my entire lining out. I should have no period for 5 years! I cannot wait!
Christina, I too have endo and I truly feel for you.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that this is NOT normal. I went on and on and on with pain for so long because I thought it was normal. See your GYN and get it taken care of!

PS, a heating pad does wonders!
I was going to suggest being checked for cysts too. I have had them on and off since I was 15 and they still bother me and are VERY painful, but there is nothing that should be done about them yet because they come and go, and I am only 23 and Dr's dont want to remove my ovaries because that will put me into early menopause and I will have to be on hormone replacements for the the next 20+ years. 

I occassionally get diagnostic testing done just to make sure the cysts keep coming and going and dont stick around for good, then we would have to go the surgical route.

Good luck!
I never used to have painful periods but then all of a sudden I did and it got progressively worse every year.  Turned out I had fibroids and of course as they got larger the pain increased.  So would agree with others and get checked for cysts and fibroids.
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I would absolutely agree about going to see the doctor!

Also somethings that might help:  There are one time use heating pads that stick inside of your panties that really help.  Thermacare is what I usually get.  Also, it seems like the least fun thing in the world to do, but getting up and going for a pretty good walk is actually really good for your cramps and can really help ease them. 
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Original Post by gheilbrun:

Avoid stress and other stimulants that can trigger your pain. Always have an adequate rest for your self and maintain a balance diet. Try go to your doctor and have some check-up. Maybe there is already a problem in your reproductive system. Or you can try some tips from this link -cramps , it's great!

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Hi I have extremely bad cramps. I dont know what to do I cant use anything with heat everytime i take a pill i throw up. Even when I eat i throw up. Im scared that if i take birth control it will mess up my body. Every time i count 24 days i get scared. its really hard to go to school and work feeling like this. I tried Ibuprofine midol extra strength and advil but nothing works its been like this since i was 11 i sometimes feel like going to the hospital everytime it comes. I cant do anything but wait until the pain goes away. Can you please help me.!!!!

Maybe try a birth control that makes your period lighter? Like a low dose pill. I know your pain. :(

Is EVA cream over the counter?

They put me on BC back in the day when that was my issue - and I feel so badly for you, I remember very clearly the Superbowl of 2004-5, curled up on my boyfriend (now husband's) futon unable to move and wanting to vomit from the pain). BC didn't do it for me but I was only taking pill form. You may have what I had - an ovarian cyst that only arises with ovulation and can burst when your period comes. It's common, its normal, and its awful. It's not lifethreatening or anything, just annoying, and a symptom of high estrogen and/or malfunctioning thyroid. My recommendation is to try what I DIDN'T want to try at the time because I wasn't so comfortable in my body. NuvaRing. I'm on it now, and I love it, though I'm on it because I'm not menstuating.

It's cured, though. I don't have those cramps anymore. What did it for me?

Gettin' knocked up. I love my daughter,  but it's certainly not the answer!

Was going to chime in on the cysts camp also.  They put me on birth control in my early teens to regulate my periods and they got better and the cramps were at least livable.  When I had my kids the cramps weren't nearly as bad either and in the past year they're worse then I remember.  In the holding pattern for an ob in my insurance group so I have to cope with aleve (supposedly the new midol is amazing so may be trying that) and pj pants and camping the couch for that first day.

I'm the same only it's THREE days of seriously bad cramps and my legs get tingly too. I've never heard of anyone else having the leg issue. Nice to know I'm not alone. Always have been this way and I've been checked for endometriosis - always negative. That's just the way some of us are. I'm old enough to have been on prescription Motrin back when it was still an experimental drug and it changed my life. I don't use the prescription stuff anymore but use over the counter Ibuprofen. Three Ibuprofen = 1 prescription Motrin and I used to take 3 prescription Motrin to start off then 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 hours after that. So you know how much over the counter stuff I take. I told my Dr how much I take and she didn't bat an eye. But do make sure you tell your Dr. if you choose to go that route. And always take it with food because it will burn your stomach otherwise. Hope it helps.

I'm in my 40s and get cramps so bad that I double over.  OTCs don't touch the pain and just make me nauseous.  I alternate between a tens unit and a hot pack on my lower belly.  They work as long as I lie down in the fetal position.  I am unable to walk when the pain is this intense.  I'm awake now in the middle of the night because I hurt so much.  Any good natural remedies?  I can't take bc because I have high blood pressure.   

Oh WOW do i ever know what you mean, today is the day of my cramps and im barely functioning enough to type on my computer,when i was 11 i got my first cramps and fromw hat i remember,the pain started in my lower stomache,then i got really hot and started to sweat and my skin got clamy. after that happens i run to the bathroom and i get really disoriented, i feel as if im about to pass out and my ears start to ring, the pain continues and i feel as if i need to (do number 2) alot, which i do but sometimes i dont, just feel like i do...then comes the heatwave again, i usually pass out on the floor and lay down for awhile, sometimes like today i threw up,then the rest of the day i feel drained my body is tired and i cant sleep from my sharp stomache pains, i get the leg pain too, it tingles and goes numb.

I was told a long time ago this was normal, and they put me on BC, which didnt work, painkillers make me throw up. For 11 years ive been struggling through this, so your all definatly not alone....

O man,

I remember my mom  had gotten diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was a little girl. She went through so much pain, but like 6 years latter she had gotten a historactomie. I hope I don't have endometriosis., but it sure do feel like it. right as I speak im having pain in my pelvis/back it no where else but there and it takes 24hours for it to decrease I don't even think I can go to work today.

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i thought i was the only person who felt like they had to run to the bathroom all the time when the cramps get insanely painful.  it feels like i have food poisoning mixed with the worst cramps.  i second the heating pad.  also for some weird reaosn, i found singing really loud helps a little.  it's a little embarrasing, but when you're hurting so'll try anything.

That is EXACTLY how I felt today and every time before today it has  happened! I noticed that instead of being every other year like it has been, now  its every other month! Today I had to miss class because I was in so much pain. My worst fear about going through this while I was at college away from my family has come true! :-(..I've been going through this since I was in the 6th grade(when I first started getting my periods) and it seems to be getting worse! I'm soo desperate for help!

yours sounds like mine right down to the vomiting leg cramps for day can not walk do house chores nothing seems to help athing they can do!omend I am 37 and this has been going on since I was 13 dont no what else to do going to the doctors today it has to be something that can be done!

I have dysmenorrhea, and it sucks!! Heating pads work great, exercising, and I found sitting criss-crossed and rocking back-and-fourth while taking deep breaths help. Just try getting your mind off the pain. Meds help. Over the counter pain relievers, or you can go the natural way and use herbs. I use primrose oil pills. They made my period lighter and shorter the pain subsided just a little bit. My condition is hereditary my mom had painful cramps too. Talk to your doc for a correct diagnosis.
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