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Extremely bloated -- it hurts to breathe

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Yesterday I ate mainly fruits and veggies, along with a ton of milk and im guessing too many all bran bus which does usually get me pretty bloated  yet last night I put on my bathingsuit to go swimming and my stomach honestly looked like I was pregnant and it was hard as a rock. It went down a bit after I swam and I had a pot of green tea and a ton of water. My stomach was throbbing all night last night & even though I got up to go to the washroom numerous times my stomach remained really bloated. I'm in a lot of pain right now-- I don't know what it is but it hurts to breathe. I took alka seltzer this morning and ate an egg sandwich on whole spelt bread .. i don't know if that was a good idea. but i showed my mom how badly bloated my stomach was and she advised me to to eat for the rest of the day until dinner and to drink a ton of water ,, does anybody else have suggestions because I'm not sure that not eating is going to help??
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I have been in this situation before from eating too much fiber! Taking a warm bath might help to ease the pain some. You could also try taking some over-the-counter gas relief medicine.  It may take some time but don't worry, it will get better! Good luck.

One thing I remember reading is a way to sort of force the air through.  Kneel on the floor, and then lie down face-first so that your knees are up against your chest.  I don't know if it'll actually work, but it's worth a try.  :) 
O.D'ing on popcorn when I was restricting did that to me... Unfortunately I can't really help you except telling you NOT to take laxatives. :]

Thanks, everyone =)

Does anybody have suggestions towards foods I should eat to get rid of some of the bloating? I was planning on lifting weights and eating some protein after-- would that be a bad choice?

Gas-x is your friend!
yes... drink some coffee. it will get things moving.
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Dandelion tea might help.
One way i tend to get rid of unwanted gasses is to stand with my legs slightly apart, raise my arms above my head and stretch as tall as possible, then slowly bend over at the hips and just let my upper-body hang down. It helps me a lot.

Try sitting kneeling down and sitting back on your heels. Place a rolled towel against your lower abdomen and then lean/bend forward toward the ground (modified version of what someone already said). Your knees would be against your chest if it wasn't for the towel. That will do the same thing as kcp118 said only it will be quicker (from my personal experience). You'll have to stay in the position for a short while and make sure you relax your muscles as much as possible.


Lots of fruits and veggies can give you gas, and since htat makes up a large portion of my diet I'm pretty used to your situation. gas-x is your friend. :)     

actually, meat can give you gas too. well, not in quantity, but meat makes your flatulence smell :)

I suggest lowering fiber intake, that works for me.

For some reason I've noticed since I've gotten older, Milk seems to really  bother me like that.  Didn't use to or at least I didn't notice that it did.  I bloat and get acid reflux and if it's near bed time.... I can't sleep for the farting and the belching... really romantic I'm sure.  I love milk so I use it in moderation and early in the day. Also learned to love soy  and rice milk.

 A sure fire way  to get the gas out for me is to attend a really crowded and quiet yoga class. LOL  I've yet to figure out a way to "pull  your knees to you chest, hold it and... reelaaax..... " while trying to keep the sphincter muscles tight ....  Sorry  TMI????

Are you female? It could also be TOM issues (PMS or whatnot) in which case it will soon pass. I agree with what's said above too, useful advice.
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