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Extreme red blotchy face after workout---Normal??

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Hi. I have recently began to love working out. I usually go about 2 miles on the tread.....(random cycle with inclines from 3.0-10 about 3.0 mph or I do some of the Interval training 30 secs at 5.5mph and 90 secs at 3.5mph) usually about 40 minutes time. And then I do the elliptical machine and push myself til I burn 200-300 calories (roughly 16-24 minutes) and now down to 2x a week I also do some weight training too. (I'm at the Gym EVERYDAY Monday-Friday for about 60-90 minutes)

When I get back to the locker room, I look in the mirror and my face is SO red! And around my mouth it gets blotchy looking. I am drinking plenty of water, about 2-3 16.9 oz water bottles per workout. Am I working out too hard? Is this normal? Does it stop? Your input is appreciated!! Thanks!!

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I think no one looks good after a workout.  My face always turns bright red after a workout.   As long as it goes away I can't imagine anything is abnormal.

same exact thing happens to me..I cant even get up the nerve to go to a gym b/c of it. Ive had ppl ask me if im ok and it drives me insane.:)

Same thing here too!  I love going to the gym and I've just come to accept that I'm going to finish up every good workout looking like a lobster. You're not alone. Embrace the redness!! :) And good for you for building up a healthy appreciation for the gym. Easier said than done!!

Try wrapping up with a lukewarm/cool shower...that usually minimizes the glow a bit before I head out.

Same here....I got home the other night (30 minutes after work out) and my face was still beet red. My brother in law said it could be a blood pressure issue. But honestly I am not that concerned about it.  

Thanks guys! It's real nice to know that I am not alone in this! I really do love getting in a great workout at the gym. I am fearful of others thinking I am going to pass out or something 'cuz I look so wretched!

*And, you know, before I started this whole life change, a.k.a 'the diet', back in Dec when I went to the Dentist they said I had high blood pressure. Well, good thing I have the annual woman check up coming up as I will have her check my blood pressure/cholesterol, etc. Thanks for that info too!*

It's completely normal, coming from the increased bloodflow from an increased heart rate.

My face gets red and blotchy, as does my team mates whenever we work out.

I don't ever associate it to passing out... that's the pale/chalky face. 

So weird!  I usually sweat a ton which grosses me out, but yesterday my face was SOOOO red when I left the gym.  I did go in the sauna for about 15 mins, so maybe that had something to do with it, but man, even an hour or so later it was STILL red! I had to put frozen bags of vegetables on my face to ease it down lol.  But hey think of it like this; you look a little icky for that 1 hr, but you lot H-O-T the rest of the day because you are getting all toned and sexy!!!

My face gets all red on both sides of my nose, wierd.. Almost feels inflamed or something

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