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What should I expect for the first visit to a nutritionist?

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So I finally decided to address my stupid disordered eating habits (chew/spit?? grossing myself out...) and made an appointment with a nutritionist.  It's tomorrow.  I'm really, really nervous and have been having panic attacks all day!  I'm just so scared to tell her what I do because I have never breathed a word about it to anyone in person!

I think it may go more smoothly if I know what's going to happen beforehand.  I'm guessing they weigh/measure you but I have a serious phobia of scales...

What happened on your first trip to the nutritionist?

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Hi does this person deal with ed's? I hope because I think it is key as your body and mind are going through different things then a typical non ed person. I have seen many nutritionists and each vary but key is to be honest with your behaviors. Trust me they have heard and seen a lot and they can only help you if you tell them the truth. Most do weigh you so they can see how to adjust the plan. Some like to do it blind where you turn around and some think it is better to face it. It is normal to feel nervous as cahnge and unknown is hard. I would ecnourage you to tell her where you struggle and what you think may help. Usually they get back info at the firt meeting and try to set you up with a starter plan. Good luck and let us know how it goes

Make sure this is someone that works with people w/ EDs... i went to a nutritionist once and i felt like it was a big waste of money ($175) to be exact.. when i visited this nutritionist she weighed me, then measured my wrist to determine my frame size, and then told me my "ideal" weight. Then she handed me a pre-printed list of foods to eat which equaled out to 1200 calories... for that amount of money i could have gone on here and printed out that info myself! So you should really look for eating disorder specialists who have a psych. background as well in order to gain the most help you can

Polly!  I went for a nutrition consultation with a person who happened to be a naturopathic doctor.  She was fabulous.  By the way, in Canada, a dietician is a person who is a highly trained individual to assit doctors, hospitals and others with food issues.  Nutritionists, in Canada, do not have the same level of training and would perform the type of consultations Jenny talks about in her post.  (Some nutritionists are really good though.)  Okay, enough with the qualifications!

My first appointment for nutritional counselling lasted 1.5 hours and there were two subsequent followup appointments to establish a plan, etc.  At the first appointment, I provided a full medical history and copies of any recent bloodwork.  I just happened to have copies of the last two reports.  (Your doctor is obligated to provide you with copies if you ask).  We discussed whether there were any particular concerns with my diet and whether it was affecting how I felt on a daily basis.  I was having problems with bloating as well as a few other minor irritations.  She instructed me to prepare a food log and bring it to the next appointment.  She wanted to know everything that passed my lips, including water, supplements, food and alcohol.  It was great that I had been keeping track of everything I eat right here at Calorie Count.  I provided those to her.

The first followup appointment was presentation of the food log.  She quickly went over it and highlighted areas of concern which she pointed out to me there and then.  She made some recommendations, offered me a herbal cleanse (it was very good and did not involve anything other than taking the capsules).  She again asked me to do a food log for an additional week incorporating her initial recomendations but the real deal was presented at the third appointment.  She had taken the time to do an indepth analysis of the food logs I gave her in conjuction with my very recent blood tests to see if she could find any correlations.  At this meeting, she also made recommendations on menu plans, foods, and nutritional needs specifically for my body and tastes.  It was worth every penny and I truly feel better. 

The cost?  Initial appointment $150.  Subsequent appointments $55 per 1 hour consultation.  I also purchased various supplements from her but I didn't feel any pressure to do so.  I was given a "prescription" for the supplement and I was free to get them where I chose.

It was a most excellent experience and I will continue to see her once a month for as long as the arrangement suits us.  Sorry I was so verbose but I thought you'd want to hear it all!

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