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everything leaves an impression in my skin! is this ED recovery related?

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I have been noticing that my skin indents easily. for instance, i lay down for maybe 15 minutes max, leaning my bare arm against my shirt. this shirt is very soft with a fine stitching. when i stood up the imprint was etched into my arm and it is just now going away (30 min later) even after rubbing it for a few minutes.

 i never used to get these 'imprints' but i get them daily from clothes sitting down for a few minutes, anything. when i wake up in the morning i have lines criss-crossing everywhere on my legs, arms, abdomen...and i never had this before perhaps a week or two ago (this is week 7 of recovery) 


could this be due to water retention? :( 

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I would actually suspect lack of water more than water retention. If your skin is healthy it should have a supply of blood and water plumping it up.

 How much water are you drinking?

(And if drinking a lot of water - how much salt are you getting via food / addition to food?)

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i drink a lot during the day but i limit myself to 8 glasses of water due to the worry of flushing out electrolytes in recovery...i eat 1400 cals a day now, all home-cooked meals and i add little or no salt. in fact i used to add no salt but everyone keeps pressuring me to add since its good for a healthy balance, so i do add a little now,...

i just thought it might be water retention since my legs look all shiny and huge but if im dehydrated i sure hope they dont get bigger. 


i just drink tea and water usually...the occasional diet coke. oh, i have hot lemon-water often. could i be dehydrated then? 

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I notice that the same thing happens to me when I am dehydrated.  Good luck!


I don't know about you guys, but I think it is just the fact of being plump and getting older.

I call them "sleep creases". I am a tummy sleeper. Sometimes I have "road maps" all over my tummy when I awake. Other days I don't. I do not know why they come or go...ha! WinkWink

Angelwings and Fairydust Blessings,


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a road map is certanly a good way to describe it!

even after my recent 15-20 lb weight gain i dont think i could as plump quite yet...and im only 24..which if were counting as old is quite depressing :p

it helps to know that others are get the same thing though, and i have been trying to stay super hydrated (even though ive been dehydrated throughout recovery-which i cant help) thanks everyone!

one rule of thumb test of dehydration is to hold your hand normally and then try and pinch and pull up the skin webbing between your thumb and pointer finger. If the skin doesn't go back quickly your most likely dehydrated.

I unfortunately don't know enough about recovery to know how the electrolyte balance gets rebalanced. I do know that a healthy adult with no sodium issues should be getting about 1500-2500 mg per day so that you have the salt your body needs.

But since I don't know about the effects of the recovery on fixing that balance I can't offer much beyond the comforting advice of:

 You're only 24 - that isn't old, and once you're healthy your body will like you agin. So even if there are age creases related - I'm certain that you can spring your body back to excellent.

 Salt is not the devil - a little in definite moderation is good - but people with more experience in recovery should tell you how to balance.

The big and shiny I would expect would be dehydration - by gravity. The body will hold onto as much as it can - but not all over you body.

 CONGRATS on gaining the weight you've recovered. I'm proud of you - and I'm sure you'll get past these road maps to recovery. Then you won't need maps any more and they can go away one day :D

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Pls did you find a a solution to this??? This is 2016, tanks
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